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Golfing With Spinal Stenosis

Golfing With Spinal Stenosis

Abnormal narrowing of the bone channel of the spine is called Spinal Stenosis or lower back stenosis which causes pain and discomfort in the lower back. This narrowing of the bone channel constricts the spinal nerves and vessels which is responsible for the painful condition of the lower back. Playing golf with lower back pain can aggravate the existing pain and worsen the condition, if not done right. Here are a few tips on playing golf with lower back pain.

Is playing golf with lower back pain possible?
Playing golf with lower back pain is not the best course of action as the swing of taking a golf shot imparts tremendous strain to the lumbar region of the spine. This region is the center of the lower back pain due to the spinal stenosis. Playing golf with lower back pain can cause more damage to the spinal area and also poses a great risk of injury to the spine.

If, however, you still wish to play golf, here are some ways which can help reduce the chances of injury to the spine.

Reduce the swing force
The force with which you take a swing while playing golf with lower back pain is directly linked to the risk of injury. If playing golf is absolutely indispensable, then try reducing the force of taking a swing by 25-50%. Swing with 50-75% of the force that you would normally swing with while playing golf with lower back pain.

Wear a back brace

Wearing a back brace will provide your weak back with a strong support and prevent any injuries from happening while playing golf. A back brace will also help maintain the right posture to avoid the risk of injuries and will keep your back warm. The added warmth helps to keep the soft tissues in the lower back area loose and keeps the pain to a minimum.

Warm up

Before you begin playing, devote sufficient time to warming up and gently stretching your muscles. This will allow the blood circulation to increase and fresh blood will be supplied to the injured area. This nutrient-rich blood will help the muscles to function better and also to reduce the risk of an injury.

Do lumbar spinal stenosis exercises
Lumbar spinal stenosis exercises are designed to provide the patient with a range of motion, endurance and stability improving activities. These exercises help the patient resume their normal activities and gradually become active despite having spinal stenosis.

Golfing with spinal stenosis is possible with the above-mentioned tips to improve the physical condition of spinal stenosis patients. You can use physical therapy to help regain normal spinal function with the help of customized lumbar spinal stenosis exercises designed especially for you. Consult a skilled physical therapist to help you with playing golf with lower back pain.