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September 2017

Whiplash is a commonly occurring injury, usually associated with car accidents or sports injuries. It is caused by a high impact to the neck from behind while in a stationary position that causes the soft tissues in your neck to stretch well beyond their normal range of motion. The standard result of whiplash is severe neck pain or neck stiffness. However, because different people have different reactions to whiplash, the severity of the condition may differ significantly. The effects of whiplash can be experienced immediately or the symptoms could take a few days to appear. This makes it a complicated condition to

Mishaps are like uninvited guests in the journey of life. Car accidents are not an uncommon phenomenon in Canada. Every year there are thousands of people who meet with car accidents. For those who survive their injuries, recuperating and getting back to normal life is quite a task. Some even people end up suffering from permanent damages in their body. Most medical practitioners prescribe physiotherapy programs for patients to fully recover after a car accident. There are many Lethbridge physiotherapy clinics which provide effective physical therapy programs. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from physiotherapy while recovering

So many workouts, so many different types of shoes! Whether it is a gym workout or strength building, you need to have the right pair of shoes for that. Understanding the right pair of shoe will not only help you perform better but also prevent injury.  Although running shoes and training shoes are considered as one and the same, they do have certain distinctions like sole flexibility and heel drop. However, people involved in sports and other physical activities choose to ignore the correct selection of footwear. The result? They injure their leg muscle. By choosing the correct type of shoes

With a really active young population, it doesn’t come as a surprise that nearly 84% of Canadian kids between the ages of 3-17 are involved in some kind of sports activity or another. This was one of the many facts highlighted by the Canadian Youth Sports Report.  According to the study, more and more parents today are actively involved in taking their kids to organized sporting events. Due to the increase in the physical wear and tear kids go through these days, growing pains are becoming a common phenomenon among Canadian children. Though these pains are not considered to be extremely harmful,