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August 2019

Common types of back pain Pain in the back differs from person to person. This is because the area where the pain originates, the intensity it reaches and the symptoms vary from person to person. However, depending on the most common types, back pain has been categorized into three main categories Axial pain Axial pain is one of the most common types of pain and is often the consequence of a muscle strain. This pain can be sharp, dull, constant or chronic. Referred pain Often described as dull and achy, referred pain tends to spread around and vary in intensity. It generally originates from the

Most of today’s work environments, especially offices, involve extended periods of sitting. While this may seem like an appealing way to work, sitting for long periods of time can have an adverse effect on your health. All that sitting lowers your body’s metabolism, makes your muscles stiff and causes harm to your posture. Studies have been conducted that indicate that sitting for too long increases your chances of developing obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Prolonged sitting can also cause sitting fatigue and have a negative effect on your ability to concentrate. If you work in an environment that involves a lot of