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December 2019

The body's response to injury is called inflammation. Physical traumas such as sprain, strain, or bruise are most common, whereas injuries can also occur from bacterial or viral infections, heat, or any sort of chemical injury. Trauma causes direct damage to cells in the immediate area of injury, causing bleeding. A stream of events is initiated due to bleeding that results in the inflammatory process, which promotes healing of the injured tissue. Acute and chronic are terms commonly used to refer to the duration of the length of the problem, giving inaccurate information about the actual stage of inflammation. Progression from

The brain is a remarkable organ but damage to it can cause unpredictable consequences and each injury is unique to the individual. However, even though brain cells cannot regenerate once destroyed, the brain can reorganize itself to compensate for the damage. When irreparable damage occurs, the brain is capable of creating new neural pathways. This ability means that physical functions lost because of severe injury can be restored through repetitive or forced practice. This method of establishing alternative paths is known as rehabilitation and can help those who have suffered a brain injury regain physical abilities. Common Causes of Brain Injury Brain injuries occur