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February 2020

Losing independence is best described as the diminished ability to perform tasks and activities of daily life. Disabling physical illnesses, debilitating injuries and chronic pain can easily contribute to the loss of independence. Losing one’s independence is not only a physical process, but an emotional one as well. As mobility and other factors that facilitate the ease of every day life start to fail, individuals must adjust not only to struggling to complete day-to-day tasks but depending on others to help them as well. How to Cope With Losing Independence By coping with the loss of independence, individuals can lead fulfilling and happy

From casual jogging to competitive sports, nearly all athletic endeavors carry a risk of injury. Some injuries are inevitable, depending on the sport such as muscle strains, ligament tears, and possible dislocations. These injuries have sidelined many athletes for games and seasons. The way you handle these injuries will determine how fast you recover and also the likelihood of re-injuring. The best way to cope with sports injuries is physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy can provide you with multiple benefits in order to facilitate your rehabilitation process. Boosts Recovery If you recently suffered from a sports injury, you can benefit from physical therapy. Chronic