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May 2020

An involuntary contraction of a muscle or a feeling of tightness that usually occurs suddenly is referred to as muscle spasms. They are often painful but typically don’t last long. Muscle spasms have many cases, but if they are caused by an injury that is not treated, they may turn into muscle knots, or myofascial trigger points, which are painful and long-lasting. Muscle spasms are similar to muscle cramps. Muscle spasm is where there is a persistent increase in tension in muscle fibers - often associated with shortening of the muscle and pain. Causes There can be many causes for your muscle

Updated February 18, 2021 After carefully reviewing our new guidelines laid out by local health authorities the InHome therapy team will continue to meet and exceed all of the recommendations and requirements and we will continue to provide all of our physiotherapy services. We would like to thank our staff and patients for their continued trust and support as we very carefully navigate this pandemic to be sure that you, our patients, are able to safely receive all of the physiotherapy services, within your living environment, that you are in need of. Your pain, mobility and recovery needs are of the

The radial nerve is responsible for controlling the wrist, fingers, and triceps. It runs down the back of your arm. Any injury to the radial nerve may result in loss of sensation in some part of the body, burning pain, and wrist drop. A radial injury could occur due to a variety of reasons. Common causes include sports injury, breaking your arm, overusing your arm, sleeping with a bad posture, putting pressure on the arm, lumps in the body that compress the nerves. Physiotherapy can help remedy minor cases of radial nerve injury within 12 weeks. The alternative surgical procedure,