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4 Back Pain Myths

4 Back Pain Myths

Over 80% of Canadians experience some form of back pain during their lives. This makes it one of the most common health problems affecting most individuals. In turn, this has also causes plenty of myths and misconceptions to spurn out in the public space about back pain.

We’ve had a few customers who come up with bizarre and weird stories that pools into the myths of back pain.

So, here are the myths about back pains you may have heard of.

1. I will always have back pain from now on
Most people get back pain by overstretching themselves or by carrying more weight than they can handle. In turn, their back muscles are stressed out and they are inflicted with back pain.

Many individuals hope that the back pain will recede on its, and if it does not, they have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

2. I should stay in Bed and Rest to recover from Back Pain
Depending on the severity of the back pain, people tend to avoid doing anything and opt to rest on the bed the whole day. Furthermore, there are individuals who believe that they can sleep off the pain and make it vanish.

3. The more severe the Back Pain, the more damaged is the spine
The back muscles provide support to the spine and hence, they are connected. But this is where, their connection ends. The severity of a back pain is not connected to the spine, and the back pain does not indicate any sort of damage to your spine.

4. The Back Pain is due to Something ‘Out of Place’
Some individuals complain that their back pain is caused by something out of place like the pelvis being out of alignment. This has proven not to be the case as they get x-rays done and nothing unusual is found.

The most common cause for back pain is constant stress being applied on the muscles. What is needed is not sleep, but reduction of that stress on your back and strengthening of your back muscles.

– Reduce the Stress
Your lifestyle habits are causing a constant stress on your back and ensuring you don’t recover from the back pain. Take a good look at your lifestyle. Are you carrying more weight than you can manage? Is your back posture slumped? Do you sit for too many hours on the chair?

Simple lifestyle changes can work wonders to relieve you of your back pain.

– Strengthen your back muscle
By strengthening your back muscles, you can handle more stress and gain relief from the back pain. It can be simple exercises like stretching to complex ones like lifting weights.

It is best you get in touch with a physiotherapist. He will be able to analyze your lifestyle and suggest changes. More importantly, depending on how much range of motion you have and the severity of the pain, he will suggest the right exercises to strengthen your muscles.

At HCR Solutions in Edmonton, you can get access to a trained physiotherapist who will be able to alleviate your pain.