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How Exercise Can Improve Your Mood

How Exercise Can Improve Your Mood

Whether you just got up on the wrong side of the bed, are feeling low or are depressed, what you need to do is exercise. Even if you’re feeling a little depressed, the last thing on your mind is exercise. You would rather curl up on the bed, sleep and hope you can sleep that feeling off.

More and more studies have come out on how exercise can elevate your emotions. Whether it is running, going to the gym or even physical therapy, all of them count.

So how exactly does exercise help with any mental and emotional problem?

Chemical Reactions
In a scientific sense, emotions can be broken down into chemical reactions.
– Feel-Good Brain Chemicals: Dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin are some feel good chemicals that are released when you exercise.
– Balance the immune system: An overactive immune system has been linked to encouraging depression. Exercise balances it out.
– Improve Sleep Pattern: A balanced sleep pattern that is important for your brain chemicals to be balanced out. Exercise makes your body tired.

Emotional Response
– Sense of Achievement: Completing some form of exercise will give you a sense of achievement and that’s a good confidence boost.
– Distraction: Exercise demands your complete focus so you can’t think about what’s depressing you.
– Coping Strategy: Whether a person is angry or depressed, exercise has proven to be a good way to get it out.
– Social interaction: You get to be around people and feel their emotions too.

Physical Therapy
If you are severely injured from an accident and you are learning to get yourself rehabilitated, physical therapy will be your way of exercise. Severe injury ranging from knee injury to hip injury to spinal injury can leave a person handicapped and highly dependent on others.

Loss of one’s independence to do even the most basic of things like putting on clothes, eating or even going to the toilet, can affect any person’s mental state.

Physical therapy does more than just help a person regain their muscle strength, it has the ability to give them back their independence. Every physical therapy session will help elevate a person’s mental and emotional condition so that they can cope better with the reality they are facing. This is important because many rehabilitation methods only give focus to helping the victim regain his strength. Physical therapy is able to go beyond that. Added to that, physical therapy sessions are modified according the injury of the person.

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