5 Fitness Books To Put On Your Summer Reading List

5 Fitness Books To Put On Your Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List
Reading fitness books may seem old school but they are a sure-fire way to achieve a fitter body and a calmer mind. From moving recovery memoirs to new age diet plans, books offer us multiple stories, countless tips and several memorable quotes to get inspired from.

Reading fitness books also helps us get advice for a healthier living right from the horse’s mouth, in this case right from the physiotherapists’, fitness trainers’ and professional athletes’ mouths. They motivate us to achieve our goals and give us a fresher perspective to tackle our problems.
Here is our pick of the best fitness books that you should definitely read this summer:

  • Anti-Diet

A compilation of cheery fitness enthusiasm and clever tips that actually help in cutting down excess weight, this book is a shout out to breaking down all the misconceptions associated with healthy living and proper eating. Containing ingenious tips on weight loss such as mindful ways of consuming dark chocolate, Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters give a refreshing outlook on an uplifting lifestyle.

  • Painful Yarns

Written by the renowned pain scientist, Dr. GL Moseley, this intelligent collection of stories will resonate with anyone who has faced injury and pain at some point in their life. Building on his experiences at different points in his life, this book uses them as metaphors in explaining the biology of pain. 
If you feel a genuine connection to the book, then you are probably experiencing pain on a regular basis. It is recommended to visit an expert for the same. Meeting a qualified physiotherapist can help you find the perfect solution to your redundant pain.

  • The 21-Day Yoga Body

Who doesn’t love a little sass now and then? And Sadie Nardini’s The 21-Day Yoga Body is sugar, spice and everything sass. Combining Nardini’s expertise of Yoga with her irreverent but effective tone, this book is a definite page-turner.

  • Overcoming Gravity

This is one is a classic for a reason. Written by former gymnast and Physical Therapist (PT), Steven Low, Overcoming Gravity is an extensive as well as an energetic book. Filled with diagrams and progressions to carry out different exercise routines, this book’s instructions can be really helpful for you to get a gymnast’s body. You can also use this book as a reference for planning out the perfect workout routine with your PT.

  • The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distance

Written by the author of the hilarious comic website The Oatmeal, this book is a lively and inspiring memoir of a fat kid’s journey towards a healthier lifestyle that ends with him being ‘hopelessly addicted to running’. Matthew Inman strikingly uses funny cartoon characters to describe his lack of motivation towards anything physical and the reasons that inspire him to run. This is one of the best fitness books to motivate the laziest of minds to start running.

This was our selection of the smartest and most inspiring of fitness books that you can read. There are several other blogs and resources that you can visit to help you plan towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle.