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Gymnastics Rehabilitation

Gymnastics Rehabilitation

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Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance, agility, endurance and control. Sometimes, gymnastics itself can cause serious implication to the performer. It depends on what kind of move the player emulates. Sometimes even the simplest of moves can injure the gymnast, hence there is a need for physical therapy exercises for gymnasts. Rehabilitation exercises for gymnasts ensure that they are able to get back into action as before. Here is a list of rehabilitation exercises for gymnasts.

Range of Motion Exercises

The range of motion exercise consists of three types. The passive range, the active assistance  range and the active range of motion exercise. In the passive range of motion, a physiotherapist will move your hands and legs along the joint. This is done initially when a gymnast is finding it difficult to move his limbs, possibly due to a fracture. In the active assistance, the gymnast needs an assistant to complete the motion. Lastly, in the active range of motion, the gymnast can easily move his body; this is done to avoid tightness in joints and muscles.

Strengthening Exercises 

Physical therapy exercises for gymnasts must include strengthening exercise. Strengthening exercise is done to build muscle strength and anaerobic endurance. Strengthening is required because when the person is recovering from his injury, the muscles tend to become weak due to lack of movement. 

Dynamic and Static Stretches

Dynamic stretches include arm circles, arm swings, leg swings; forward and back, leg swings sideways and so on. While doing dynamic stretches you must avoid over stretching. Static stretches include neck range motion, triceps stretch, and posterior shoulder stretch and so on. Static stretch exercises should have minimal stretches. You can also try hip and quad stretches. In this, place your arms overhead and rotate the trunk away from the hip. 

Proprioception or Balance Exercises

When a gymnast injures his elbow, he damages the receptors in the muscles, ligaments, and joints that help the gymnast control their elbow motion and balance on their arms. Balance exercise is also called as proprioception. A physiotherapist depending on your specific needs and level of fitness will conduct balance exercises accordingly. Rehabilitation exercises for gymnasts includes balance exercises with the help of parallel bars. You can also try the triplane stretches three to five times each day for increasing flexibility.
There are many physical therapy exercises for gymnasts that can help you get back on your feet. The above three are only there to get you started, for advanced physical treatment that will help you recover quickly, you need the help of a physical therapist. . If you want to know more about the different physiotherapy exercises consult a physiotherapy specialist organization.