Can Massage Therapy Help Mentally Challenged People?

Can Massage Therapy Help Mentally Challenged People?

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Many people use massage therapy as a part of their ongoing health and wellness routine. But, do you know it can help mentally challenged people as well? Massage therapy can help people suffering from dementia, autism or those with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Let’s see how.


How Does Hand – Massage Help In Dementia?


Many elders who suffer from dementia gladly accept hand massage therapy. Even five minutes of hand massage decreases cortisol levels in your body and gives you physiological relaxation. Hand massage therapy helps decrease cortisol, which is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. The decrease in cortisol level enhances your sleep quality and immune system. Massage therapy also increases serotonin, which is a neurochemical that regulates mood and subdues anxiety and irritability.


How Does Massage Help A Cerebral Palsy Patient?


Cerebral Palsy is a term that represents conditions characterized by various motor disorders, like postural dysfunction and muscle coordination challenges. One of the main reasons why massage therapy is preferred for patients who have cerebral palsy is that massage sessions help patients sleep better. It is considered a legitimate therapy option for cerebral palsy patients as the treatment is based on relaxing tight muscles. Massage therapy helps patients who have dyskinetic cerebral palsy (uncontrolled choreal or slowing of body movements) by producing a parasympathetic response that helps curtail involuntary movements.


How Does Massage Help In Autism?


There are a wide variety of treatments used for children with autism. Massage therapy is increasingly becoming one of them It is observed that autistic children respond positively to massage treatment. Massage therapy gives relaxation to autistic kids as massaging motions are applied on the arms, hands, neck, legs, feet, and torso. The treatment helps them fight with anxiety and fatigue while also improving sleep and energy levels. Moreover, massage therapy is effective in lessening the severity of autism and helping develop their thinking and creative abilities.


How Does Massage Therapy Help In Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?


Massage therapy is an excellent form of treatment for patients who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Massage therapy helps in a patient’s recovery and maintenance plan especially if they have been in a coma for a prolonged period. Massage therapy helps patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in the following ways:

The therapy increases blood and lymph circulation

It reduces contracture or stiffness

It calms the patient’s mood as they adjust to a new normal

It maintains comfort and mobility if a patient suffers from a prolonged injury or ailments

Massage therapy is a powerful, yet underutilized method to address the urgent need of mentally challenged people. Approach a massage therapist if you want to find alternatives to medication to ease the behavioral symptoms of family or friends who are mentally challenged.