Five Best Stretching Exercises For Desk Jobs

Five Best Stretching Exercises For Desk Jobs

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Does your desk job cause immense discomfort in the form of back or neck pain? Probably it your posture or the height of the chair or desk that causes this issue. But, if you do not pay heed to the problem, then it may worsen. Sitting in the wrong posture such as hunching your back and slumping in your seat can cause back, neck, and shoulder muscles to tighten. Research shows that if people doing desk jobs perform regular stretching exercises, it can help reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain. Stretching and frequent breaks in between work not only relaxes your muscles but also increases your productivity. So, here are five stretching exercises, that exercise therapy professional recommend to desk job workers:

1) Chest Stretch

Being hunched over a desk for an entire day can cause pain in your back and neck. But, you can gain some relief by performing chest stretch. You can perform a chest stretch while sitting, as well as standing. If you are in a seated position, stretch your arms in the air and lace your fingers together. Lift your hands up until you feel a stretch in your chest and hold it for 10-20 seconds.

2) Upper Back Stretch

When you work in the same posture for hours, the upper back muscle tighten, causing pain. Performing an upper back stretch can help you loosen the muscles and also improve your posture. All you need to do is stretch your arms and rotate your hands with the palms facing away from each other. Cross your arms in such a way that the palms are pressed together. Then contract the abs, round the back and relax your head as you reach away. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds.

3) Torso Stretch

Desk job workers often find themselves in a hunched position, which causes pain in the back. Exercises like torso stretch will stretch all the muscles in your back, arms and shoulders. It is pretty easy to perform. All you have to do is as you just have to lace your fingers together and stretch them with the palm facing the ceiling. Take a deep breath as you stretch, then exhale and open your arms and come back to your normal posture. Repeat this 7-8 times for relief.

4) Forearm Stretch

Typing for a long time causes tension in your forearm muscles. Simple exercises can help you relax your forearm muscles and your wrists. Stretch your arms out and turn the hand down so that the fingers face the ground. Now, gently pull the fingers as though pulling something towards you. You’ll experience a stretch in your forearms and your fingers. Hold it for 10-20 seconds.

5) Seated Hip Stretch

Sitting in the same place for long hours tightens your hip muscles. This stretch can help you open up your hip and glute muscles. You have to perform this exercise in a sitting position. Cross the left ankle over the right knee and sit straight. Keeping the back straight, gently lean forward until you feel a stretch in your torso. Hold it for 10-20 seconds and repeat with your right ankle over the left knee.

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