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How Massage Therapy Helps in Chronic Pain Management

How Massage Therapy Helps in Chronic Pain Management

Pain is way your body informs you that something isn’t right and needs attention. Once the problem is addressed and is taken care of well, the pain disappears. But, it isn’t the case with chronic pain, it keeps you bothering for days, months, or even years. It affects your day to day life, and also causes mental distress.


Various factors can cause chronic pain. Past injuries or surgeries, migraines, back problem, arthritis, fibromyalgia or nerve damage can be some of the reasons behind chronic pain. If you have been experiencing chronic pain lately, what measure have you taken to cure it? Some painkillers or ointments maybe? Although there is no cure for chronic pain, there is an alternative that helps to treat chronic pain. Massage therapy can help alleviate the pain and get your life back on the track. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the two most common conditions fibromyalgia and arthritis and how massage therapy is helpful.


Effects of Massage Therapy on Fibromyalgia Patients


Fibromyalgia is a common chronic musculoskeletal pain, which causes widespread pain and tenderness in the body. It occurs in people of all ages including children. People with fibromyalgia have high levels of pain, as well as psychological distress. Here are few benefits of massage therapy for fibromyalgia patients:


Massage therapy helps in relaxing and improves the quality of sleep. It is great to have a massage session in the evening as it will help the body to repair and rejuvenate over the night.

Massage therapy helps to restore strength and vitality in the body, and aids strengthening lethargic muscles.

The relaxation session of a massage therapy helps to relieve mental stress.

Massage therapy improves the blood flow to the brain, thereby, helping the fibromyalgia patients to get relief from headaches.

It diminishes the effects of anxiety and depression, which includes hormonal fluctuations and interference in appetite.

To know more about fibromyalgia and how massage therapy can aid, read this blog.


Benefits of Massage Therapy for Arthritis


Arthritis is not a single disease. It is an umbrella term that is used informally to refer to joint pains or joint disorders. Like fibromyalgia, arthritis is also a reason for common chronic pain among people of all ages. Massage therapy is beneficial for arthritis patients in the following ways:


Massage therapy helps to realign the posture of the body, which will reduce unequal weight distribution throughout the body.

Massage therapy positively impacts the joint structures and improves joint flexibility as it facilitates the removal of the collagen tissue.

Massage therapy helps in reducing the stiffness in joints, thereby, relieving the pain.

Massage therapy successfully reduces swelling of an affected joint. Various strokes of massage help in pushing the extracellular fluid in the limb, thereby, reducing swelling.


Apart from massage therapy, physical exercises are also helpful for arthritis patients. Read our blog to know about various therapeutic exercises for arthritis.


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