How can a Physio Help a Child Suffering from Dyspraxia?

How can a Physio Help a Child Suffering from Dyspraxia?

Do you feel guilty of your child suffering from dyspraxia? You are not alone in this ordeal. No one knows for sure about the exact cause of this disorder. The scientists suspect genetics or problems with the nerve cells as possible reasons for this disorder. Dyspraxia is a motor skill disorder which adverse effects about 6 – 10% of all school-aged children. Boys nearly have twice the probability of girls to suffer from this disorder.

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Proper Assessment
The professional physio aims for the correct assessment of the child’s condition. He first of all checks whether the child can perform all the age-according physical activities. He checks whether the child has good shoulder movement control, hand-eye coordination, etc. Once he figures out the limitations, he sketches a suitable exercise programme to improve the child’s motor skills.

Correction of Posture
The child may suffer from pain and discomfort due to the poor posture. The physio finds the limitations in the child’s posture. The physio straightens the posture of the child. He also fixes the sitting, standing and sleeping posture of the child. By insisting on the proper posture, the physio helps the child to inculcate the good habit of maintaining a correct posture. The pain and discomfort vanish gradually as the child learns to maintain a proper posture.

Improvement of Balance
The physio teaches both static and dynamic balancing exercises to the child. The regular exercises improve the balance of the child. As a result, the child feels more comfortable and confident during sitting or moving around.

Better Movement Coordination
The physio detects the stiff joints which hamper your child’s movement. He aids the child to loosen these joints and improve the range of motion. The physio provides individualized exercise program for the child. Ensuring that the child performs the entire exercise regimen regularly improves the muscle coordination and functional ability.

Increase in Energy Level
Apart from the regular exercises, the physio also focuses on nutrition of the child. He advises the parent to provide healthy and nutritious food to the child. The regular exercises and the better choice of food increase the energy level in the child. The physio thus helps the child to live an active life.

Improvement in Muscle Strength
The physio chalks out exercises to improve the muscle tone and strength of the child. The child suffering from dyspraxia may improve the muscle strength and tone considerably by performing regular exercises.
The physiotherapist always keeps the regular exercise schedule short for the child. He focuses on the home-based training programs. The physio trainer tries to make it as fun as possible. Ideally, the child must be looking forward to the training instead of avoiding it. Do you seek an Expert physio for your child suffering from Dyspraxia? Book your appointment with InHome Physical & Massage Therapy. We currently operate in Edmonton, Calgary & Halifax.