How Do You Run Without Injury?

How Do You Run Without Injury?

An injury is a part of every sport that you will play. It is difficult not to get injured while you play any sports, especially the ones that involves running. Some of the running injuries can put you to bed for a relatively long period of time. Therefore, injury prevention for runners is crucial. But, can you run injury free? The answer is yes, provided you take proper care to avoid the injury. There are certain steps to avoid running injury which are explained as follows.

Start Slowly
The first step to avoid running injury is to start running slowly. In the first few weeks, it is better that you do not put too much pressure on your body. Start by running slowly and short distances. You may experience soreness or pain in your leg muscles or joints. If the pain persists, then get yourself treated by a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will tell you what your exact problem is and ask you to do certain stretch exercises that will relieve you of the pain. Do not avoid going for physical therapy treatment. It is better that you know what the problem is initially, so that you can run injury free in future.

Run on Level Surface
Running on level surfaces helps injury prevention for runners. Running on uneven surfaces puts extra pressure on knees. There is also a possibility of twisting your ankle when you run in uneven surfaces. This causes swelling and immense pain while walking. So, run on tracks that are smooth. In addition, make sure you are wearing the right sports shoes for your legs. Sports shoes help injury prevention for runners. Do not try running barefoot even on a smooth surface.

Strengthen Your Muscles
The next step is to strengthen your leg and hip muscles. For this purpose, you need to do strengthening exercises. Lifting weights can increase structural fitness which helps your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. A sports physiotherapist will give you a better idea of the type of exercises that will suit you. Strengthening helps you to keep a good balance while you run. Ensure that you warm and stretch yourself before you start strength exercises.

Don’t Overexert
While you want to run as fast as possible, avoid over running to avoid running injury. If your body is not able to keep up, it is better to stop. Make sure you keep one day in the week to rest. Pushing yourself more than what your body demand is not good for your health. It can lead to twisted ankle, hamstring and other running injuries. Take the help of a physiotherapist who will work on increasing your stamina. Some physiotherapist help in choosing the right diet to increase your resistance and run for longer period of time.

If at all you do get injured, it is important to get a physical therapy treatment. Physiotherapists are specialist to help people get their feet back on the ground after injuries, accidents or strokes. So if you have a twisted ankle or a torn hamstring, the physiotherapist will help you with regular exercises for your leg. A physical therapy treatment ensures that you are able to get back on running track as quick as possible.

Follow the above-mentioned points to run injury free. But if at all you do injure yourself, it is better you get treated for the same. Physiotherapy is proven to be the best choice of treatment if you are recovering from any injury. Want to know more on you can prevent running injuries? Get in touch with a physical therapy center.