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How does Physiotherapy focus on Injury Specific Rehabilitation

How does Physiotherapy focus on Injury Specific Rehabilitation

Injury specific rehabilitation is meant for the recovery of an athlete or a patient who has sustained physical injury. This program includes flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, endurance activities, and coordination and agility training. This program is meant to return the same functionality of the muscles pre-injury.

Physiotherapy is part of the rehabilitation program. It includes mobility, posture, and stretching exercises. It is done after the surgery of the injured area is complete. Surgical procedures leave the muscles in the body in a weakened state. Thus, physiotherapy focuses on the speedy recovery of these areas.

ACL strain

Commonly caused by sports such as hockey, this is a ligament tear in the knee. Generally, this injury happens due to improper movement in the field. Physiotherapy helps with this injury in minor cases. However, severe cases require surgery. In the rehabilitation program, the physiotherapist will introduce various muscle strengthening programs.

Ankle sprain

This is caused by tearing or bruising of the ankle. It happens when an athlete twists his ankle, straining the ligaments holding it together. RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) can be implemented. This gives immediate relief to the injured athlete. Then the athlete will continue physical therapy.

Quad strain

This is caused due to straining the muscles in the thigh. Ignoring to do stretching exercises can facilitate this condition. In severe cases, the athlete may have to use crutches due to this injury. Muscle strengthening exercises are commonly prescribed by the physiotherapist.

Lower back pain

Severe cases of spondylitis can end an athlete’s career. Improper form while exercising is the most common cause of lower back pain. Thus, the physiotherapist includes posture improving exercises in the regimen. Lower back pain can also be treated by massage therapy as a part of the rehabilitation program.


Commonly attributed to the elderly, arthritis is caused by the wear and tear of joint tissue not uncommon in athletes. Certain medical conditions may rapidly deteriorate the joint muscles. Thus, certain athletes tend to suffer from arthritis at a young age.

Rehabilitation program after surgery includes physiotherapy exercises for strengthening joint muscles. Exercise regimen will also include body posture, mobility training, and agility exercises that will enable the injured athlete to move normally again.

Rehabilitation programs can be a non complicated alternative to surgery. But for best results they tend follow after a surgery. Physiotherapy done wrong can harm your body. Hence, it is important to choose the right physiotherapist.

In home physical therapy, brings athletic therapy programs to Edmonton. Our injury specific rehabilitation programs are supervised by certified physiotherapists. Furthermore, these services can be brought to your home, for your convenience. Our exercises regimen is meant to return muscle functionality to normal and minimize restrictions to mobility. Physiotherapy in Edmonton will also include posture and movement exercises, to reduce the chances of exacerbating the condition. This comprehensive rehabilitation program will allow athletes to return to their peak performance state.