Physical Therapy To Improve Breathing

Physical Therapy To Improve Breathing

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Physical therapy has innumerable benefits for various diseases. But did you know that physical therapy can also aid in improving breathing? Patients suffering from pulmonary disorders and other disorders can use exercise therapy to improve their breathing. Exercise therapy can facilitate breathing in the following ways.

1) Improves oxygen utilization

Physical therapy improves oxygen utilization in the body by activating the cells of the body to absorb more oxygen. This leads to improvement in overall oxygen supply to the different organs of the body and increases the aerobic capacity of the body. Physical therapy further improves the blood circulation in the body and supplies oxygen to a greater extent than any other form of therapy. Exercise therapy also increases the energy in the body by providing adequate oxygen to produce the energy needed by the body.

2) Corrects posture

Exercise therapy helps correct and restore the normal posture of the body. In the case of an injury or diseased condition, the posture can be negatively affected which damages the body’s breathing capacity. Injury rehabilitation utilizes exercise therapy to enhance posture by optimizing the position of the diaphragm and spine. As a consequence breathing is increased to the optimal level and rehabilitation is expedited. Edmonton injury rehab focuses on improving breathing post injury and physical trauma to the body through physical therapy conducted by trained therapists.

3) Strengthens muscles

Exercise therapy works directly to strengthen the muscles that inflate and deflate the lungs thereby increasing the amount of air entering and leaving the lungs. Breathing is phenomenally increased as a result of the improved activity of muscles associated with the lung activity. Physiotherapy provides additional benefits by building muscle strength and keeping diseases at bay. Mobile physiotherapy Edmonton services are also available to cater to your physiotherapy needs.

4) Keeps airways clean

Physiotherapy can relieve congestion of the airways and promote smoother breathing. For patients suffering from pulmonary diseases such as cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial as it clears airways and dislodges mucus accumulated in the lungs. This can then be coughed out and congestion is overcome. Mobile physiotherapy Edmonton causes significant clearing of airways and encourages the positive movement of the mucus away from the airways.

5) Increases endurance

Physical therapy helps to increase the endurance and stamina of the body which are both directly linked to breathing. Regular exercise therapy strengthens muscles and decreases chances of disease contraction. Exercise therapy, when conducted by trained professional kinesiologists decrease complications associated with lung surgeries and ensure stable and even breathing.

Exercise therapy improves breathing in more ways than one and must be practiced on a daily basis especially for injury rehabilitation. Edmonton injury rehab services are provided by a team of highly skilled physiotherapists and can promote your overall well-being in addition to injury rehabilitation.