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How Physical Therapy Can Help With Body Balance Issues

How Physical Therapy Can Help With Body Balance Issues

Balance problems become a real issue to tackle as people get older (especially as the age approaches 70 or more). The main reason for balance problems arises lies in the dysfunction of the vestibular systems.  One of the harmful effects of having the vestibular disorder is an altered the perception of spatial orientation. For the elderly suffering from this issue, life becomes utterly difficult. They generally have problems in maintaining their stability and upright positions during their everyday chores. Not only they face challenges during standing or walking, but also even while sitting.
Physical therapy and exercises are used to treat body balance issues. Physical therapy for balance helps the elderly to maintain their independence by treating their body balance issues.

Physical therapy for balance related issues

  • Reduction the risk of falling- The physical therapist checks out the surroundings. He suggests ways to reduce the risk of falling like-
  • Improve the lighting
  • Change loose rugs and carpets
  • Provides suitable footwear
  • Advice to restrain pets

​Benefits of physical therapy for balance related issues

  • Strength building – A physical therapist generally recommends exercises for strengthening the muscles in hips, trunks, and stomachs. These are the muscles mainly responsible for maintaining the body balance.
  • Improve mobility – Therapists with their tips and motivation drag people out of their sedentary lifestyle. The patients ultimately become more confident.
  • Improve in balance – Physical therapists help the patients to improve both static and dynamic balance using balance exercises.
  • Improve flexibility and posture
  • Increasing the activity – A physical therapist chalks out specific plans for every patient according to their daily chores and activity goals.
  • Recommending specialist doctors – A physical therapist might recommend specialist doctors like:

    • Eye specialists – To check whether there would be any requirement of glasses or change in the lenses to improve the visibility.
    • Ear specialists – An ENT specialist would check the ears. Ears are particularly important in maintaining the balance of the body.
    • Any other specialist doctor – A physical therapist might like to check with a specialist whether the current medication for a patient has any adverse effects on the patient’s body balance.

Prevention of balance related issues
Prevention is always better than cure. Though physical therapy for balance is one of the best solutions to body balance issues, the preference should always be to avoid this problem. One can easily avoid this problem by moving around and avoiding a lazy lifestyle. Biannual check-up of eyes and ears should also be encouraged.