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Your Comprehensive Guide to Massage and Arthritis

Your Comprehensive Guide to Massage and Arthritis

Why Massage?

Here, we intend to explain how massage therapy has a positive impact on the individual who’s suffering from arthritis. When you receive a massage from a licensed massage therapist, you will find that the pain that you were suffering from has eased down. That’s because a specially tailored massage therapy provides relief to the joints affected. In addition to the reduced pain, the patient would also experience gradual improvements in stiffness, the extent of movement that they’re able to make, the effectiveness of your hand grip, and the overall efficiency of your joints. The effectiveness of the massage therapy remains the same even when performed on those suffering from wrist arthritis or those experiencing trouble making hand movement.

Furthermore, a massage therapy that is suited to arthritis is not supposed to be forceful in nature. The experts know that applying moderate pressure is the best way to provide comfort to the patient through mild relaxation. The objective is for the therapist to stimulate the pressure receptors, thereby allowing the surrounding nerve cells to better convey information (of the easing of the pain) to the brain.

Hormonal Improvement

The rise and fall of your mood is almost exclusively a result of hormonal fluctuations. Massage therapies, in addition to reducing pain, also reduces your body’s production of cortisol, and conversely increases the production of serotonin, which are both stress hormones. This hormonal change can bring about an improvement in the patient’s mood.

Before you proceed to look for massage therapists, it’s important to understand that getting just any massage isn’t the only point. The point is to perform the right massage after accounting for the extent of your pain and other essential considerations such as high blood pressure, varicose veins, and the presence of any damaged nerves.

It’s important that you consult a rheumatologist to understand if you should proceed with massage therapy. And, when you do proceed with the massage therapy, only trust a professional massage therapy service provider. We are one such service provider and we extend the same service to you. Here’s how you can book a massage.