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Improve Core Stability with Physiotherapy

Improve Core Stability with Physiotherapy

What is the core of our body? The core is often referred to as the powerhouse, the foundation on which all limb movements are based on. For top athletes, maintaining and strengthening their core strength is extremely vital. Sports people have to continually work on developing and maintaining their core stability and use it as the foundation to physically develop and meet the challenges of their respective sports.

What are your core muscles?

The group of muscles that surround the spine and abdomen, and support them like a corset. By being able to activate and control these core muscles we can give greater stability to the spine and increase the functional quality of limbs. For controlling lower back pain, core stability is so crucial and this is also why elite athletes dedicate so much training towards it.

But it’s important for you to know, maintaining core strength is not just for sports people or elite athletes. It is essential for controlling lower back pain in people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Core stability and strengthening play a vital role in the rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of any kind of back pain.

Learn How to Activate Your Inner Core

It’s acutely important to perform your core exercises with utmost precision and knowledge. You can’t simply watch videos or seek advice from friends to strengthen and maintain your core stability. If you do your core exercises incorrectly, you might end up making your lower back feel worse than ever. You shouldn’t directly jump into core exercises, before knowing how to do them accurately from professionals. There is NO QUICK TRICK to achieving true core activation.

True core strengthening is not as easy or as quick when correctly taught, as many people believe. It takes time, a bit of patience and practice. It’s important to know the basics before you start practicing.

How Does Physiotherapy Help?

In order to strengthen your core stability or if you’re suffering from any back pain, you can always seek assistance from professional physiotherapists. They have enough knowledge and experience in physically examining the human body and accordingly devising various workout plans to keep the body physically fit and strong. They provide corrective measures, which includes various exercises and rehabilitation programs to help cure any problems related to your physical body and get you back on your feet.

To remedy your back problems or to strengthen your core stability, you need undergo –

  • Basic motor skill training
  • Basic motor skill strengthening
  • Functional Progression

A physiotherapist will help you learn how to correctly activate your core, strengthen your core and then finally stabilize it. You can contact our professional physiotherapists in Edmonton, if you’re facing any back problems, or if you want to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles.