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November 2015

                                       Source:                                                                                                                             We all love to stay fit and in shape. However, just like global warming, procrastination is a major

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found that you cannot move your head without experiencing terrible pain which starts from your neck and works its way out into your shoulders? This circumstance is most likely brought about as the result of a pinched or trapped nerve. This can be one of the most painful situations to be in, and which is not the result of a physical injury.Once you identify the cause of the trapped nerve in your neck,gentle and purposeful exercise provided by your physiotherapist will help stretch the muscles and release the pressure from the involved nerves.CausesA number

A slipped disc can be a very painful experience. In most cases, it should get better on its own, within 6 to 8 weeks,and there are certain things that you can do to avoid pain, but ensure you don’t try to speed up the recovery process. A slipped disc is likely to improve with rest, gentle exercise and medication.Also, it is important that you keep active, if you have a slipped disc. Initially, it may be difficult to move around, and if you’re in sever pain, you may need to rest completely for the first couple of days. However, after

Sports injuries have sidelined many athletes for games, seasons, and worse, careers. Coping with sports injuries often requires physical rehabilitation. Physiotherapy helps athletes to rebuild strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury. Physiotherapy encompasses athletic injury management in 5 stages:Acute care:It involves assessment of the initial injury. The first step is to diagnose the extent of the injury. Following a thorough check-up, our physiotherapists will visually and manually assess painful structures, to look at your posture, alignment and symmetry, to feel for any changes in joint shape, swelling or inflammation and to assess range and quality

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physical therapy which deals with injuries and issues related to athletics. Experts in sports physiotherapy perform their thorough practice and research, in order to help athletes recover from chronic injuries, and provide them insightful knowledge and comprehensive ways to prevent problems.Therapy services are generally available to persons of all ages engaged in sports at any level of competition. Research efforts that physiotherapists undergo, lead to a better understanding of sports injuries and improved rehabilitation techniques. Sports injuries certainly differ from normal, every-day injuries.Each sports physiotherapist has sport-specific knowledge that addresses acute, chronic or