Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

Is Running Bad For Your Knees?

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Haven’t we all heard that running regularly can give us arthritis and make our knees weak? IT’s  a myth; an old rumor with no truth to it. Running, as an exercise, is inherently good for most people. However, there are certain special circumstances in which running can prove to be damaging to the knees. In this article, we deconstruct the myth of running being bad for knees and give you the facts.

Can running hurt your knees?

To answer this question, we must first understand how knees are built and how running affects them. The function of the knee is to mainly absorb shocks and to maintain contact between the two major bones of the legs the femur and the tibia.
running hurt your knees
​The two C-shaped menisci, the lateral meniscus and the medial meniscus, are the pieces of cartilage that absorb shocks and are the most prone to wear and tear. The wear and tear of this cartilage is responsible for Osteoarthritis and can cause pain and discomfort while walking.

Running is a high-impact activity that can cause damage to the knees if not done right. As mentioned above, as you get older, the meniscal cartilage starts to wear down and the bones come in direct contact with each other when you run and this causes arthritis. 

If your knees are weak and your posture is not correct, only then running can hurt your knees. The mechanics of running need to be accurate or it can damage the knees. Even if your mechanics are slightly off, your knees can take a lot of damage due to the repetitive running movement and improper shock absorbency.

If you already have arthritis, then running will cause pain in your already weak knees. Arthritis is a genetic disease and no matter how well you run, if your family has a history of arthritis, you will get it. The good news, however, is that you do not need to stop running completely if you have arthritis. You can resort to physical therapy for knee pain and practice knee therapy exercises to help you with running.

If you do not have a family history of arthritis, but running puts extra force on your knees, your bones will experience friction by rubbing against each other and you can develop arthritis. Arthritis causes unbearable knee pain and needs to be managed by taking physical therapy in Edmonton. Physical therapy for knee pain can help ease the pain by conditioning the knees using knee therapy exercises. 

In conclusion, running is not bad for your knees unless your body posture and running mechanism is flawed. As far as arthritis is concerned, genetics play a major role in the development of the disease and arthritis caused merely by running is rare. For knee pain experienced while running, physical therapy in Edmonton by a qualified physical therapist can help you get back on your feet with the help of knee therapy exercises and physical therapy for knee pain.