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Kinesio Taping for Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder treatment with kinesio tape

Kinesio Taping for Frozen Shoulder

What is Kinesio taping?

It is a taping method that consists of a cotton strip that is applied to the deltoid muscle region from application to origin to support the muscles and relieve pain.

Why Kinesio taping? Does it help?

Shoulder movements become very restricted in a frozen shoulder, as there is a scar-like tissue formation in the shoulder joint which leaves less room for movement and makes it’s functioning painful. Recovery from a frozen shoulder takes about 2-4 years. So instead of waiting for your frozen shoulder to recover by itself, you can always seek professional assistance. Kinesio taping included as a part of athletic therapy provides security and stability to the affected joint, and at the same time reduce pain. These adhesive tapes are known to enhance support, which in turn allows you to move your affected shoulder without encountering extensive pain.

Overall joint function improves with the application of kinesio tape, and it also helps retaining normal muscle activation. During the recovery phase, it acts as additional protection. And it is also available in different colors like black, blue, and pink for aesthetic purposes.

How are Kinesio Tapes applied?

Even though pre-cut tapes (Kinesio tapes) are available, it is not recommended to apply them at home without our professional athletic therapists’ supervision, as it can simply worsen the injury.

Kinesio tapes when applied by professionals, provide support and relief. So, when you apply it by yourself and don’t experience any sort of relief, then you’re doing it wrong!

Why to prefer Kinesio Tapes over other methods?

There are certain advantages as to why Kinesio tapes should be preferred over other methods. It can be removed by applying baby oil, or olive oil which helps to dissolve the tape’s adhesive substance making it easy for removal.

Kinesio tapes are reusable. They are waterproof and do not cause any skin irritation. They can stay up to 5 days when applied correctly. The adhesive used in the tapes is drug-free. Pain relief is usually experienced as a result of the body’s own healing mechanism. The Kinesio tape which is made use of by our professional athletic therapists can help your affected shoulder to recover faster.

Kinesio Tape it is!

Kinesio Therapy is indeed the safest and most economical treatment method for a frozen shoulder. Our professional athletic therapists in Calgary have enough knowledge and experience which will save you time, money and most definitely help you recover faster.