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March 2020

Along with continuing to provide physiotherapy and exercise therapy to those in urgent or critical need and pass our covid19 vetting questionnaire, we are offering our current, old and new clients our telehealth program! InHome Physical Therapy is proud to introduce Telemedicine services in the form of TelePhysio to our patients and all Albertans as a response to the unique challenges posed by Covid19 and the pandemic that we are all facing. What is TelePhysio? As the name suggests ‘tele’ refers to ‘over distance’ and the initial method of communication was the telephone. Nowadays, high-speed connections and web cameras mean that the ability

What is Kinesio taping? It is a taping method that consists of a cotton strip that is applied to the deltoid muscle region from application to origin to support the muscles and relieve pain. Why Kinesio taping? Does it help? Shoulder movements become very restricted in a frozen shoulder, as there is a scar-like tissue formation in the shoulder joint which leaves less room for movement and makes it's functioning painful. Recovery from a frozen shoulder takes about 2-4 years. So instead of waiting for your frozen shoulder to recover by itself, you can always seek professional assistance. Kinesio taping included as a

A disorder of brain function that takes the form of recurring seizures, is known as Epilepsy. Our feelings, thoughts and actions are controlled by brain cells that communicate with each other through regular electrical impulses. When sudden, uncontrolled bursts of electrical activity disrupt the regular functioning of the brain is when seizures occur. It can occur right across the brain or can be confined to just one part of the brain. Communication between cells becomes scrambled and our thoughts, feelings or movements become momentarily confused or uncontrolled. Depending on where in the brain the seizure is occurring and what functions that