Kinesio Taping For Treating Neck Pain

Kinesio Taping For Treating Neck Pain


A Kinesio tape is an elastic cotton tape that is stuck to our skin using an acrylic adhesive. Physiotherapists use this in a procedure known a kinesiology taping. This cotton tape is bendy and closely mimics the attributes of our muscles. Kinesiology taping is a simple procedure, wherein the Kinesio tape is applied to the strained muscle area for relief. This procedure is especially beneficial for athletes, who need to retain muscle mobility after sustaining an injury, to continue carrying out physiotherapy exercises.

Neck pain can be caused due to many reasons. Herniated spinal discs, spinal injury, pinched nerves, neck muscle strain, and fibromyalgia are some of these. Cramping of the neck or in more severe cases spondylitis can be the after effects of not treating neck pain immediately. Having similar benefits to a neck brace, Kinesio taping, has a host of additional benefits for neck pain.

Tape don’t brace
Like a neck brace kinesio tape supports your neck to relieve muscle tissue from the strain. However, it does not hinder the sideways or circular motion of the neck. The tape imitates muscle movement while performing a lifting action to allow the muscle tissue to relax. Unlike a brace, kinesio tape is stuck on the strained neck day and night, facilitating speedy recovery of the injury.

Drain the tension away
Neck pain caused due to a pinched nerve can be alleviated by a Kinesio tape. The supporting action of the tape, does not allow muscles to constrict around the inflamed nerve cells. Thus, preventing soreness caused due to prolonged constriction of the nerves. The pain dissolves quickly allowing the person to relax.

That bad habit will break you!
Neck pain often causes us to strain our muscles further in the hope of relief. Temporary relief that this pulling action can provide us can aggravate our condition in the future. Like any other muscle injury, neck injury also needs time to heal. Constantly straining muscle tissue in the neck will only cause a tear. Use Kinesio tape to instantly relieve the pain and break this bad habit.

Don’t slouch or you’ll cramp
Strained muscles produce lactic acid that causes fatigue. Muscle fatigue makes us slouch and adopt a bad posture. Bad posture can exacerbate neck pain further, causing neck cramps. Kinesio tape helps drain the lactic acid from muscle tissue, preventing fatigue.

Business as usual
Kinesio allows you to carry out normal neck movements while performing daily activities. This is a major advantage in itself. Everyone cannot afford to be lying in bed for prolonged periods. The adaptability of kinesio taping makes it more appealing than a neck brace.

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