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Lifestyle changes that supplement physiotherapy: Back pain

Lifestyle changes that supplement physiotherapy: Back pain

A chronic back pain usually occurs because of your lifestyle problem than an actual medical one. So the best way to deal with it and ease away the back pain is to make some alterations in your lifestyle. By constantly straining your back, it will take a toll and affect your spine and back muscles.

Here’s what you should consider changing in your life.

Stop Carrying Heavy Things

You aren’t Hercules, so don’t push your body to carry more weight than it can. Whether it is your grocery bags or a carton, avoid it if it is too heavy. When your muscles aren’t built for that strain, then your back muscles are going to feel a terrible pull.

Sit Right at the Desk

Half your back pain is probably caused by slouching over at the desk. Sitting stiff, hunched over the computer just tenses your back muscles.

– Stay aware of your posture at the desk and sit upright.

– At least every hour or so, take a break from your desk.

– Stretch your arms out when sitting.

– Find the right desk height. Adjust the chair height to ensure you’re sitting at the best possible one.

A Tensed Sleep

Your sleep may not be relaxed enough for your back.

– Use a pillow when you sleep so you don’t strain your head and neck.

– Never sleep on your stomach, it is uncomfortable and you’re straining your back muscles.

– The best position to sleep on is your side. Place a pillow between your legs to provide support to your hips.

– If you sleep on your back (which is not a bad position), place a pillow underneath it.

Find the Right Mattress

Many people sleep on the wrong mattress and fail to realize that it’s the cause of their back pain. If you feel that your back is stiff in the morning, then it’s probably the mattress that’s the problem. You got all kinds of mattresses to choose from like airbeds, foam, latex, futons, etc.

The right mattress needs to be comfortable, have good support for your back and be firm. Firmness is very important – the correct firmness provides the right support and comfort. Keep searching until you find one that fits within these three criteria.

Go for a Walk

A walk is a fantastic way to release the tension from your back. It stretches out the muscles helping it relax. Also, stretch down and touch your toes.

It’s a simple and effective way of getting rid of any stiffness in your muscles.

Wear a Back Brace

A back brace provides your muscles with additional support. Start wearing it often and you’ll find a world of relief descend upon you.

Back pain is more than a daily annoyance. If you’ve been ignoring or living with it for a long time, you should do something. Following these tips is a good option that will give you some relief and improve the situation.