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Lifestyle changes that supplement physiotherapy: Neck pain

Lifestyle changes that supplement physiotherapy: Neck pain

Anyone constantly plagued by chronic neck pain knows that it is more than just an annoyance. . Like every other chronic pain, the chances are that your neck pain has been caused by your lifestyle. The way you carry your bag, your posture and even your walking style can contribute to your neck pain.

We may use the neck to only move our head, but its muscles are connected with the rest of our body. This means a strain on your shoulder, arm or spine can easily affect your neck muscles.

The Screen Staring

Whether you are at office or home staring at your computer or television screen, your posture makes a difference. A number of studies have found that the longer a person sits in front of a screen, the more the back, shoulder and neck pain.

Do not sit at the screen for too long. Get up, take a short walk and then sit back. Additionally, keep flexing your body to prevent stiffness.

Carrying Your Bag

Whether it is a backpack, a small carry bag or purse, its weight and how you carry it matters. In general, try to keep your bag light. If the bag is heavy, make sure it has straps on the shoulders so you can evenly distribute the weight.

The worst thing to do is to carry the bag on one shoulder, especially when you can two-strap it. Using one strap misaligns your body.

Taking a Drive

If you have a car, you probably use it a lot to commute to work and social functions. Those long times you spend in the car can be the cause of your pain. Once again, it largely depends on your posture.

– Don’t slouch on the seat

– Adjust the seat so that you’re seated comfortably

– If it is a long distance drive, don’t strain yourself. Take breaks and stretch yourself

Picking up the Phone

If you are someone who is constantly on the phone making long calls, then you are definitely straining your neck. Long phone calls can lead to holding the phone by the crook of your neck between your head and shoulder. That’s the worst thing you could so, as it’s such an obvious strain on your neck muscles.

Either get a Bluetooth headset or use the speakerphone – talking for hours over the phone will be much easier.

Sleep Posture

The reason for your stiff or frozen neck could just be your sleep posture. Never sleep on your stomach as it just makes things awkward for your neck and head. The best position would be to sleep on is your side.

Also, have a pillow that is comfortable. You don’t want one that is too high, plump or hard.

Physical therapy will offer relief for your neck pain, but if you really want to completely stop it from recurring… change your lifestyle!