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Periodization helps your training and injury recovery.

Periodization helps your training and injury recovery.

Periodization is the systematic planning of athletic or physical training to prevent injury or straining of any injured areas. It aims s to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts reach the best possible performance in their field.
Anyone who works out works out should consider varying their exercise routines for two simple reasons:

  • To prevent reaching a work-out plateau
  • To prevent boredom associated with doing the same regimen over and over, for weeks on end.

The most basic definition of Periodization is how you organize your training.
As a whole, Periodization refers to exposing the body to periods of different stressors and varying amounts of stress over the course of the training plain.

How does Periodization help me?
Periodization prevents over training and provides the muscles with the best biological environment for muscle growth and increasing strength. It reduces injury and helps to keep you motivated during your workouts.
Training with high intensities and overload for years at a stretch is very tough on the body – this includes your central nervous system, muscles, tendons, joints and connective tissue.

How can a non professional sportsperson make use of Periodization?
There are several ways you can spice up your current routine in order to stay enthusiastic and excited about your workouts. Here are a few you can incorporate into your workout regime.

  • Substituting Exercises
    The exercises themselves can be substituted. Some exercises that are fairly similar can feel very different. To give your muscles a new challenge, switch to dumbbells for a while and give your muscles a new challenge.
  • Targeting Muscle Groups
    Know what muscles you want to target and then try variations of exercises for them. By exploring a range of different exercises, you will be able to find the ones that suit you best and get the most out of you.
  • The Muscle Confusing Technique
    By changing the order of your exercises, you are simulating continuous muscle growth. Simple flip the order of any two exercises every time you train to provide yourself with a quality workout.
  • Training Split
    By changing your training regime every 4-8 weeks, you can prevent muscle growth stagnation. Each training week is called a microcycle. Even a subtle change in the routine after four microcycles can prevent a plateau.
  • Rest Periods
    Decreasing or increasing your rest periods between sets can greatly impact your workout. If you normally take three minute breaks between sets, try decreasing them to one and a half minutes. Taking long and short rest periods have different advantages.

Plan your workouts with objectives in mind that you can work towards for a given amount of time. If you take time to plan ahead and focus on what you want, you’ll easily be able to prevent boredom, injury and avoid plateaus in your workout.