Physical Therapy for Cervical Radiculopathy

Physical Therapy for Cervical Radiculopathy

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Cervical radiculopathy is commonly known as the “pinched nerve” disease. It occurs due to compression of a nerve at the neck, which compels it to branch out in opposition to the direction of the spinal cord. The common causes of cervical radiculopathy are arthritis, tumor, spinal stenosis, ruptured disk (especially among young people) and the usual ‘wear and tear’ which our spines suffer as we age. About 83.2 cases of cervical radiculopathy are reported per 1,00,000 population annually.
There are several benefits of physical therapy services for patients suffering from cervical radiculopathy.   

Application of Manual Cervical Traction
The expert providing physical therapy services can apply manual cervical traction to relieve the stress and pressure from your spine and the cervical region. He gently applies massage to your spine and the neck region. It generally provides relief from pain immediately. 

Management of Your Pain
The initial goal of the physical therapist is to reduce or relieve your pain. The therapist might apply ice packs or ask you to wear a soft cervical collar. As your intensity of the pain lessens, you will sleep better. The proper management of your pain will improve your general well-being and lifestyle.

Posture Rectification
One of the first things that the physical therapist focuses on is to correct your posture. He educates you on your proper posture. Your incorrect posture might have been the main reason for your cervical radiculopathy in the first place. 
Also, your posture affects the intensity of your pain. Better posture would decrease or even eliminate the pain. Your therapist might even ask to bring about specific changes at your workplace to ensure proper posture for you. He can also instruct and guide you on how to go about your daily chores especially which require the movement of your spine and neck muscles like bending, lifting or reaching out to grab something.

Functional Training
The physical therapist would also instruct you on functional exercises. These exercises will help you to accomplish your job-related tasks confidently. The therapist would instruct you on how to reduce the strain during your office activities which affect your neck or spine.

Change of Positions at Regular Intervals
Maintaining the same position during lengthy tasks would unnecessarily produce stress and strain on your spine. It might further deteriorate your condition. That is the reason the therapists providing you physical therapy services insists on switching your body positions at regular intervals especially during prolonged tasks.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Muscles
The physical therapist will locate the muscles requiring strengthening. Exercises for neck stability will be good for you. He can develop and schedule an exercise chart to target the strengthening of your neck, shoulder, upper back, and arms.  

Physical therapy is really beneficial for a cervical radiculopathy patient. If you are a patient living in or around Edmonton, get in touch with InHome Physical Therapy & Massage for the best physical therapy services.