Massage Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Massage Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease


Massage therapy has been known for its healing capabilities throughout centuries and civilizations. The use of massage as a physical therapy can be seen in the wall paintings of the ancient civilization of Egypt. Massage therapy has been scientifically proven to help in the treatment of not only stress disorders and muscular injuries but also neurological imbalances in the body. Massage techniques used by physiotherapists are differentiated according to your problem. There is a specialized massage therapy with special stroking techniques for different problems. InHome Physical therapy and Massage can treat the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and help people suffering from the disease and help them to get along with life a little easier.

What is Parkinson’s disease?
Parkinson’s disease generally affects people over the age group of 60. Parkinson’s disease hampers that part of our brain that is associated with the movement of our body. Two chemicals, namely dopamine and acetylcholine are responsible for regulating and controlling movement. These chemicals are supposed to be in perfect harmony for the brain to receive and send signals to and from the body. An imbalance in these chemicals damages the portion of our brain called basal ganglia that affects the movement of our body. This same imbalance of chemicals has been connected to Parkinson’s disease.
Parkinson’s disease causes slowing down of voluntary movements of arms and legs and causes muscle stiffness. Walking becomes harder and balance is lost. Lightheadedness while standing is common and the body posture becomes stooped. In later stages, it causes problems in swallowing and loss of smell. The patients also face troubles in rising from a sitting position. Parkinson’s disease also causes the patient to develop a speech impediment. The patient can’t speak properly or keeps mumbling in a monotonous tone.

How does massage therapy help with Parkinson’s disease?
Massage therapy is known to treat neural and muscular disorders. A specialized massage therapy by our therapist at InHome Physical Therapy and Massage who targets the symptoms of Parkinson’s diseases can help the patients to regain functionality and muscle strength and partially helps them to normalize and control their movements.

  • Induces flexibility in muscles: Massage therapy uses special strokes to relax the muscles and reduce muscle stiffness. For patients of Parkinson’s disease, massage therapy can be really useful as it cures muscle stiffness and facilitates flexibility of the body.
  • Increases muscle strength: Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow through the body, resulting in strengthened muscles and improved mobility.
  • Reduces fatigue: The increase of blood flow through the body and the release of tension from the muscles relaxes the muscles and decreases the regular feeling of tiredness experienced by patients of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Improves balance: Our massage therapy includes teaching patients how to balance using specially designed exercises for balancing. This promotes mobility of the patient and they can gain some confidence and control in their condition.

If you have noticed symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in your body or if there is a loved one who suffers from this paralyzing disease, contact us at InHome Physical Therapy and Massage in Edmonton and our therapist will help manage some of the symptoms of this debilitating disease and reduce its effects.