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Physical Therapy For Hand Tremors

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Physical Therapy For Hand Tremors

Hand tremors are not life-threatening but can be cause for embarrassment and inconvenience in our lives. Hand tremors could happen to anybody but tend to occur in the elderly. The cause of a hand tremor is not always clear. It could be the effect of bad habits such as smoking. It might be a neurological defect in the cerebellum. It could be the early signs of a neurological disease, such as Parkinson’s. It could be the after-effects of a stroke, anxiety attack, stress, muscle fatigue. Or, it might be something else, entirely.

What’s important is that physical therapy can help you manage hand tremors.

Essential Tremors

The essential tremor includes a wide range of causes. The physical therapist will ask many questions related to your medical history, substance abuse, and work environment before she makes her diagnosis. Based on this diagnosis, therapy will be conducted.

Stress-Related Tremors

Working in high stress, high workload environment could lead to hand tremors. Physical exhaustion may be expressed in the form of body tics, such as hand tremors. Physical therapy includes exercise therapy and massage therapy to help unload stress.

Muscle Tremors

Activities, like typing, can cause what is known as muscle tremors. The motor neurons that control our muscles are responsible for reflexes. These motor neurons have muscle memory that is meant to allow the body to react quickly to stimuli. Working these muscles repeatedly may result in hand tremors. Physical therapy may resolve these tremors, by attaching light weights on your wrists or giving you a rubber ball or stress ball to relax your muscles.

Alcohol-Induced Tremors

Drinking alcohol can cause hand tremors. Why? This is because the consumption of alcohol reduces our body’s blood sugar levels. If there are low blood sugar levels, hand tremors are the muscles’ way of showing this. Physical therapy helps the patient better manage their blood sugar levels.

Stroke Induced Tremors

A stroke indicates that the heart is having difficulty pumping blood to the body. Insufficient blood flow to the hand muscles may cause them to shake, resulting in tremors. Physical therapy improves blood circulation in our body and helps manage cardiovascular disease.

Anxiety Attacks

Breathing difficulties could arise due to anxiety attacks. Insufficient oxygen to the hand muscles could cause them to shake, uncontrollably. Physical therapy helps the patient relax and educates him in respiratory exercises, to improve lung capacity.


From dropping a cup of coffee to getting shaving cuts, tremors can become quite a nuisance while performing daily tasks. An ill-timed tremor could result in a more serious situation, such as a car accident. That’s why tremors should be dealt with, immediately. InHome Therapy administers the expert physiotherapy required, in the comfort of your home or office, to get rid of hand tremors quickly and easily.