What is the Role of Physiotherapy in Stroke Rehabilitation?

What is the Role of Physiotherapy in Stroke Rehabilitation?

Regular blood flow to the brain is what keeps the brain healthy and fit for its functions. A Stroke attack occurs when the regular blood flow to the brain is affected. This results in the death of the brain cells that are unable to receive the fresh oxygen that flows through fresh blood. The severity of a stroke attack might vary from case to case; a minor stroke would result in weakness in arms or legs, a severe headache, confusion, and dizziness. A major stroke is far more lethal and is capable of paralyzing an entire side of the body, speech difficulties, and even cognitive disorders. 

One shouldn’t undermine the importance of physiotherapy in a stroke rehabilitation programme. Physiotherapy helps reduce pain and aids the patient in their struggle for a speedy recovery. Here you could learn why physiotherapy is an integral part of stroke rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy Helps Recover Motor Skills
In the aftermath of a stroke attack, many patients lose control of their movements. Physiotherapy helps recover this lost movement. With the help of specially curated exercises, physiotherapy emphasizes on relearning functional, day-to-day activities. 

Shoulder Subluxation
Shoulder subluxation and the pain in areas around the shoulder region are hardly uncommon; according to studies, around 30% of stroke attacks result in pain of this nature. Physiotherapy as a part of stroke rehabilitation includes weight-bearing exercises that gradually help the patient with improving movement.

Physiotherapy Helps Retain Balance
It has been observed that stroke patients have a decreased ability to retain balance as they have a greater amount of postural sway. This is an even greater concern when balancing is coupled with weight-bearing. Physiotherapy is an important part of stroke rehabilitation because it aids the patient in retaining the important function of being able to retain balance.

Physiotherapy Helps With Fall Prevention
A complication that is not talked about enough would be the stroke patients’ tendency to fall while attempting to support their own weight. Physiotherapy aims to aid the patient in the recovery process in a gradual manner to avoid these mishaps. It is important for the patients to exercise in the prescribed manner before they attempt to stand because the consequences of falling adversely affect the efficiency of stroke rehabilitation.

Aids with a Speedy Recovery
Contrary to the popular belief, complete bed rest is not the correct course of action for every complication. Stroke rehabilitation, with the adequate physiotherapy, involves the necessary exercises that often results in a speedier recovery. These exercises are designed in such a manner that the patients are able to gradually improve their motor skills that is crucial for daily-life.

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