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Physical Therapy Treatment for Idiopathic Toe Walking

Physical Therapy Treatment for Idiopathic Toe Walking

Toe walking, as the name suggests, is ideally a way of walking on the ball of the foot. It is a fairly common condition experienced by children who have just started to walk.

Most children overcome toe-walking, but there are some children who continue to walk on their toes, even after being trained to walk properly. This is mainly because of developing such a habit over time. However, sometimes this maybe a symptom of cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or other muscle or nerve related diseases.

How physiotherapy can help?

Idiopathic toe walking is a minor problem, if not accompanied by other ailments. Thus, simple physiotherapy sessions that focus on stretching exercises are effective on getting rid of the habit.

One of the most commonly used stretching techniques is making the child stand with the forefoot elevated on a small block so that the toes remain uplifted. Then, with some external support, the child is made steady and gentle pressure is added to the stretching process.

The second most commonly used technique involves making the child stand leaning forward against a counter, while the feet and knees are held straight. Once the child is steady on the feet, the hips are also extended. This helps in strengthening the Achilles tendons.

Another common method used for stretching is serial casting. In this process, the child is swaddled with a below-the-knee plaster so that knee and feet are flexed. Once the cast is set, it provides a comfortable stretch on the Achilles tendons and also strengthens the knees.

Like mentioned before, idiopathic toe walking is an ailment that does not require much assistance. However, neglecting the problem can lead to serious posture related problems.

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