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September 2015

High blood pressure is no more a rare condition. In fact, even people in their early 20s are prone to the risks of high blood pressure. Thus, high blood pressure is not a matter that can be taken lightly; it is a matter that demands urgent attention. In the absence of proper treatment, high blood pressure can lead to grave problems like heart attacks, strokes and circulatory diseases.What causes high blood pressure?The exact causes of high blood pressure are not known. However, several factors and conditions may play a role in its development. These include: Smoking Stress Obese or overweight Lack of physical activity High

Pusher syndrome is a postural disorientation related disorder that is most commonly found in stroke patients. During this condition, the left or the right brain of the patient is damaged. This causes the patient to actively push away from the unaffected side, leading to a loss of postural balance. It most commonly occurs due to disruption in sensory channels.When patients are affected by pusher syndrome, they often have the tendency of unconsciously pushing towards their affected side. Thus, rehabilitation is crucial to correct this disorder.How physiotherapy can help pusher syndrome patientsThe first goal of physiotherapy for patients suffering from pusher

Toe walking, as the name suggests, is ideally a way of walking on the ball of the foot. It is a fairly common condition experienced by children who have just started to walk.Most children overcome toe-walking, but there are some children who continue to walk on their toes, even after being trained to walk properly. This is mainly because of developing such a habit over time. However, sometimes this maybe a symptom of cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or other muscle or nerve related diseases.How physiotherapy can help?Idiopathic toe walking is a minor problem, if not accompanied by other ailments. Thus,

Torticollis is a condition that occurs when the muscle that runs up and towards the back of the neck becomes tight, weakened or thickened, causing the head to tilt. This disease that affects infants is generally diagnosed within the first 2 months of their life. However, there have been exceptions where torticollis was diagnosed in adults as well.Types of torticollisThere are 5 basic forms of torticollis: Congenital muscular torticollis This is one of the most common forms of infact torticollis. It usually affects infants and is often caused by birth trauma or by sleeping or remaining in one position for a prolonged

 Source: experiences stress one point in time in their entire lifetime. It is a part of life for humans. And it’s completely normal to be stressed out at times. However too much of anything is not good, especially when it’s about stress. Too much stress can negatively affect an individual’s overall life. Stress is considered a risk factor for many chronic diseases, and can make your symptoms worse.But do not fret being stress out, there is an ancient method of relieving stress that has been tried, tested and confirmed. Massage therapy is one of the most popular remedies for