Physiotherapy To Increase Lung Volume

Physiotherapy To Increase Lung Volume

Increase Lung Volume

What is respiratory physiotherapy? And does it work? The most effective technique to increase lung volume is exercise. Respiratory physiotherapy includes problem identification, and management by education, pain relief, accurately controlled activity, use of mechanical aids and listening to the patients in distress. It is ineffective to intervene with a process as personal as breathing without attention to the person as a whole.

Physical therapy healthcare center treats the patients by a registered physical therapist. Considering that respiratory problems often start during old-age , patients also face the problem of immobility. Physiotherapy Edmonton is a choice you should make to enhance your living quality. There are many physiotherapy techniques to increase lung volume. The choice of therapy is based on the person’s overall condition.

Although, they do not directly improve the lung function, breathing exercises strengthen the muscles that inflate and deflate the lungs. But, breathing exercises decrease the possibility of lung complications after surgery in heavy smokers and also in people with lung diseases. These exercises are helpful for people who have just been taken off a ventilator. An instrument called an incentive spirometer is often involved in these exercises that increase lung volume. However, the breathing exercises, by any physiotherapy healthcare center could be more effective than self-directed breathing exercise using an incentive spirometer.

Postural Drainage

Postural drainage

In postural drainage, therapists tilt the person at an angle that helps to drain secretions from the lungs. A technique called chest percussion may also be used (clapping the chest or back with a cupped hand to help loosen the secretions). A mechanical chest vibrator can also be used.

This technique is mainly used when the patient cannot cough up sputum effectively, as may happen with older people. Also, postural drainage technique is useful for people who have muscle weaknesses and who are recovering from illnesses or severe injuries.

Physiotherapy works if it’s made to work. Doing exercises inappropriately might increase the problems even more, hence, it’s advisable to take the advice of Physiotherapy Edmonton to ensure safety.