Protect Your Knee From Sports Damage

Protect Your Knee From Sports Damage

Sports like football, hockey and tennis require you to run at different speeds, using varying acceleration. Many times, you have to change direction while your foot is placed firmly on the ground. This causes stress to your knees and stretches the ligaments around your knees. Sometimes, this results in tears to the cartilage or ligaments in your knees.

Knee damage causes a lot of pain and plenty of physiotherapy. That is why it is best to avoid injuries by protecting your knee as much as you can.


Warm ups and cool downs are important before and after you play the game, respectively. Stretching your muscles before and after a game makes them less susceptible to injury. They also gain the flexibility needed to protect your cartilages.

Practice your moves

Your coach is the best advisor to tell you how to play the game with minimum injuries. He will teach you how to run correctly, change directions correctly, kick the ball correctly and do everything in a way that puts least pressure on your knees.


If you are injured in any part of the body, take rest. An injury to another body part may change your body’s stance and may in turn lead to greater strain being applied to the knee.

Stay fit

Excess body weight causes increased pressure to the knee joint. Maintain a healthy and stable weight so that your knees are able to absorb the shock from your running body without wearing down.


If you’ve had a minor knee injury, use the RICE technique – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Stop playing any sports until your doctor or physiotherapist tells you that it’s okay.

Wear knee braces

Your doctor or physiotherapist may ask you to wear knee braces for some time after an injury. People who are prone to knee injuries may also wear knee braces to avoid knee injuries. Knee braces act like a support to your knee. Their functionality ranges from protective to rehabilitative.

Change your sport

If you are constantly getting knee injuries, it’s time for you to change your sport. Not all bodies are equipped to deal with the stress and trauma associated with all sports. Take up sports that do not pressurize the knee, such as swimming or cycling.

It’s great to be a sportsperson and you don’t need to give up just because you are worried about your knee. Follow these tips to protect your knee from damage due to sports.