Set Up Your Workplace For Good Posture

Set Up Your Workplace For Good Posture

After weeks of physical therapy from the best physical therapy services in Edmonton, if you still can’t see the results, your job might be to blame. Confused? Your work is where you spend several hours of your day and this has a huge impact on your physical fitness. If your workplace posture is not optimal, your body cannot be completely fit and healthy. Here are some tips to help you set up your workplace for good workplace posture.

Get a Standing Desk
Research shows that sitting in one place for long stretches of time is harmful for your body’s physical wellbeing. If you work at a desk, switching to a standing desk is a great option for you. Standing desks enable you to work on a computer while maintaining a good standing posture. An ergonomic workstation allows you to turn your desk into a standing desk from time to time and is a good alternative to the conventional desk and chair. While working on your desk, make it a point to switch to a standing posture once every hour and your body will thank you. 

Take a Break
Taking a break to walk around the office or to simply stretch can help ease the discomfort of sitting for long periods. Your muscles and joints need the movement at regular intervals to prevent stiffness and aches in your body. Physical therapy services in Edmonton recommend taking physical activity breaks to keep your body fit and active. Taking regular physical activity breaks also boosts concentration and can help you perform better at work. 
Get off that chair right now and go take a walk!

Sit on a Gym Ball
Switch out your regular chair for a gym ball to improve your workplace posture and to have an ergonomic workstation setup. Sitting on a gym ball instead of slouching in your regular chair can straighten out your spine and ensure a proper workplace posture. A gym ball also requires you to use your gluteal muscles and keeps your lower body in shape. This helps prevent a variety of health-related disorders and keeps your posture erect at work.

Choose the Right Chair
Pick a chair that is the right size in terms of your body height. Adjusting the chair height is essential to achieving an ergonomic workstation setup. Your chair should be at the right height to enable you to reach your keyboard with relative ease and allow you to work without needing to stretch in order to reach your keyboard and other items on your desk.

These are some key tips that can help you achieve an optimum ergonomic workstation setup to improve your workplace posture. In addition to these, your trusted physical therapy services in Edmonton can help you maintain the right posture at work. Get in touch with your physical therapist for more ways to maximize your physical therapy sessions in your everyday life.