Sore Knees, Hip Or Back?

Sore Knees, Hip Or Back?


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The human body is a complex structure and maintaining it is equally essential for one’s survival. But, there are times when you may experience chronic body pain. It could be due to old age or an injury. The good news, however, is that you can recover from the pain, provided you take care of it. The three most common chronic pains occur on your knees, hip or back.

Our knee consists of four major bones namely; the femur, the tibia, the fibula and the patella. The knee is necessary for us to walk, run and play. So if you experience any knee problems, then it will surely affect your everyday activity. A sore knee can be caused by a traumatic  injury, an overuse injury, or an underlying health condition. An injury can be caused due to sports, excessive use or lack of essential nutrients in the body. Sore knees can cause severe pain or swelling.

A physical therapist in Edmonton can provide you with sore knee remedies.  To overcome the sore knee, you can do physical exercises such as calf stretch, heel raise, side leg raise, hamstring stretch and many others. Sore knee remedies also include eating food such as fish, soybeans, cherries, broccoli and oranges to name a few.

The hip joint is the body’s biggest ball and socket joint. It is designed to withstand repeated motion. Physical Therapist in Edmonton and the world over can help you overcome hip problems. Hip problems are common in case of adults due to the wearing of cartilage over a period of time. Again, damage to the hip can be caused due to any accidents or severe injuries. The hip pain can also be due to injury caused to the buttocks, groin or thighs. To reduce the pain, try losing weight, avoid activities which exert too much pressure on hips, and consult a physiotherapist.

Back pain is one of a  chronic body pain which a person experiences.  Usually, it is the lower back which hurts the most. Severe damage to the lower back or the spinal cord can even lead to paralysis. One of the reasons for back pain in recent times is due to sitting for long hours on chairs at the office. To overcome back pain you must eat healthy food and maintain good body weight. Avoid lying in the bed the whole day. Don’t stress your back by over exercising. You may consider going for a massage or physiotherapy for your back, if the pain persists.

Visit a physical therapist in Edmonton if you are frequently

Today there are many professionals who can help you with the above mentioned chronic body pain. The treatment may include a healthy diet, physical and massage therapy. If you or anyone among your family and friends has any such problem, do visit a physiotherapist. The earlier you take care of your body, the better it is.