Stretch Out At The Office Desk

Stretch Out At The Office Desk


Today’s office environment demands people to sit more and this has a quite an adverse effect on a person’s health. It lowers your body’s metabolism rate, makes your muscles stiff and can even harm your posture. Studies have shown that sitting too long increases your chances of developing various health problems like obesitydiabetes and heart problems to name a few.

You may give excuses like long work hours and lack of time to exercise, so here are stretches out exercise that you can do at the office.

Shrug your Shoulders
As simple as it is, shrugging your shoulders is a simple way to stretch your shoulder, neck and upper back muscles.
– Take in a deep breath.
– Lift up your shoulders as high as possible.
– Hold for at least 30 seconds.
– Then release.

Torso Twist
– Take a deep breath.
– As you exhale, turn to the right and grab the back of the chair.
– Twist your torso as far back as possible.
– Twist back to face front.
– Repeat on the other side.

Stretch the Arms
– Raise your arms in the air.
– Interlock your fingers.
– Bring arms down.

Stretch the Leg
Your legs get the least amount of stretching when you are sitting down.
– Ensure you are sitting firmly on the seat of your chair. You may want to grab the chair arms for support.
– Stretch out your legs so that they are parallel to the ground.
– Wiggle your toes.
– Hold it for a minute.

Get a Standing Desk
It can be difficult to stand up and continue working. The desk is too low and it’s difficult to see the computer screen when standing. What you need is a standing desk. A standing desk raises the platform so that the desk is on level with you when you are standing.
– Whenever you get tired of sitting, stand up and complete your work.
– Then, when you get tired of standing, sit back down.
– Now, repeat.

Any sort of walking is better than sitting at the desk – all you need is a good excuse.
– Instead of emailing a colleague, head over to his office or cubicle and discuss it with him.
– Rather than have a colleague pass over things, or roll around in your chair, get up and get it.
– Drink plenty of water. Not only is drinking water healthy, you will have to get up and go to the toilet.

Many of these exercises are simple and you should perform them frequently throughout the day. If you are suffering from chronic pain that is not willing to go away even after these exercises, you need to see a physical therapist. Chronic pain is a serious problem that should not be ignored and in the long run, can affect your quality of living.