Stroke Rehabilitation: What You Need To Know

Stroke Rehabilitation: What You Need To Know

9 out of 10 Canadians are at risk of stroke and heart problems. If you are afflicted with a stroke, then it can take as much as 3 to 6 months to get back on your feet. Stroke rehabilitation assists you in recovering from this ordeal quicker.
What are the causes and how does stroke happen?
It is difficult to name a single cause or reason for a stroke as there are many reasons why a stroke can occur. Primarily, a stroke takes place when there is inadequate blood flow to your brain which further decreases the level of oxygen and nutrients in your nerves. This improper blood flow results in the death of the brain cells, leading to a stroke.
There are two types of strokes that can happen:

  1. Ischemic strokeThe primary reason behind such a stroke is when there are blood clots in the brain. 
  2. Hemorrhagic strokeThis type of stroke is not that common but is one of the fatal types of stroke. The blood vessel in a person’s brain tends to burst up or leak. A major reason behind such ailments is uncontrolled high blood pressure.

How would Stroke Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy help someone?
Stroke rehabilitation and physiotherapy go hand-in-hand when recovering from a stroke. The process of physiotherapy not only focuses on improving the patient’s physical health but also overall mental health. The processes included in stroke therapy include:

  1. Physical Therapy: The process of physical therapy is intended to improve the motor skills of the patient and prevent him from becoming totally dependent on other people. People who have suffered a stroke are at a great risk of losing mobility and thus being dependent on others for basic activities. Physical activity is can make the patient move again and bring in the same confidence he had before the stroke.
  2. Technology-assisted activities: In some cases, exercise therapy solely may not be adequate to complement the patient’s physical situation. Technology is being used more frequently to assist patients to come back to their best possible phase. Electric currents are used so as to activate the parts that may no longer respond to the action command from the brain. 
  3. Emotional activities: The emotional aspect of a client needs to be taken care of, just the way their physical aspect is. When a person suffers a stroke, there is a possibility for them to lose their self-confidence completely and further go into depression. This can be taken care of by educating the patient as well as the family. Moral support can also prove to be a factor that helps the patient recover speedily.

What are the questions that one must ask the Physiotherapist?
When it comes to the topic of our closed ones, we never fail to choose the best for them. There are various questions that one might essentially want to ask the physiotherapist.

You might have questions like: 

  1. How long will recovery take? 
  2. What is his current status and how well do you see him improving?
  3. What are the factors that we as a family need to take care of?

With the help of proper medication and therapy techniques, stroke rehabilitation can enable the patient to come back to their physical best. If you have any questions regarding this process, consult our experts at In-Home Physical Therapy today.