Things You Need to Know Before Having Your First Massage

Things You Need to Know Before Having Your First Massage

Getting your first massage can make you feel very self-conscious. That’s understandable, but massage therapists have already seen every body type and shape there is out there and their whole focus is to ensure that your first massage is comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Here is what you should know before your very first massage.

Hydrate Yourself

Massage stimulates blood circulation in the body. Massage helps to remove toxins out of the body produced by the muscle tissues. During the whole process of washing out the toxic materials, the body needs a lot of water in return. Your massage therapist uses their massage techniques that compress your tissues resulting in flushing of toxins in your bloodstream. These toxins are washed away when you consume water. After your massage, your muscles feel dehydrated due to this flushing process, especially if you didn’t consume enough water before the massage. Make sure you hydrate yourself before and after the massage.

Have a Good Shower

A shower opens the pores of your skin and helps your muscles to relax. Doing this a few hours before your appointment is encouraged to increase circulation.

Relax and Meditate

The therapist’s job is to work out the tension in your muscles making you feel relaxed and improve your blood circulation. But your job is to remain calm and let the therapist work wonders with their massage techniques. The more you worry, the more you lose the chance of enjoying the massage. Breathe deeply and calmly during massage therapy like you are meditating. This will help your body to get the required oxygen. The rush of oxygen-rich blood through the muscle will make you feel better.

Don’t Endure Pain

Let your therapist know if at any time a technique or body part is causing you pain and preventing therapy and relaxation. Your therapist would like to know how you feel during the massage. If the therapist is putting a lot of pressure on a sensitive area, you need to inform them immediately so that they don’t hurt you further.

Avoid Getting a Massage on a Full Stomach

Massage manipulates the muscles. The massage therapy will affect your digestive system, specifically in the form or formation of gas. Don’t worry if you pass gas during the massage session. It is normal. But you can always avoid such situations by eating light before the session.

We hope that these points have reduced your anxiety and made you comfortable with the thought of getting a massage. If you want to have massage therapy at home, you can book our in-home massage services.