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Why Physical Therapy is Necessary After an Accident

Why Physical Therapy is Necessary After an Accident

An accident, especially a vehicular mishap can have far reaching consequences. According to a report by Statistics Canada, vehicular accidents account to an average of 2,300 deaths each year. Apart from the fatalities, accidents of any kind can lead to grievous injuries, mental trauma and can have long lasting side-effects.

Be it a car accident or a sport injury, a consultation with a physical therapist is crucial. A doctor can only fix your bones and bandage your wounds but a therapist helps your muscles and tendons to repair and your body to regain its full functionality.
Here’s why you should get physical therapy after a car accident or any other disaster:

Recovery Funding for MVA

An accident induces both physical and mental trauma on an individual. Therefore, worrying about your financial funding can be nothing but a hindrance to your recovery and trouble for your loved ones. With our MVC injury funding services, gathering finances for your healing is one less thing to worry about. Our services help you find the best possible option to fund your recovery. We assess your injuries; fill out all the necessary paperwork and bill directly to the insurance company. Whether you are the victim or not, we get you the best options that you are entitled to. Drop us a line for our assistants to guide you through.

Healing Minor Injuries

The standard medical procedure for treating minor injuries after an accident includes prescribing pain killers and applying a brace. This doesn’t take in account the damage to your muscles and tendons incurred during the accident. Your therapist prescribes you a program of specific exercises and massages that heal your internal injuries and avoid future complications which can lead to surgery if not taken care of.

Pain Relief

While pain killers help you alleviate the intense pain after an accident, the relief is temporary and their prolong use can have side-effects. Physiotherapy uses various procedures including kinesio taping, tissue massage, cold compresses and electric stimulation to relieve your pain and prevent it from recurring.

MVA Rehabilitation

Our injury specific rehabilitation focuses on your particular wound and helps in healing the injury in the fastest and safest way possible. Whiplash is a common problem suffered by vehicular accident victims. Some patients experience pain in their neck and lower back for years after the injury had taken place. Physiotherapy focuses on helping your muscles and tissues heal themselves, therefore avoiding the re-emergence of pain and whiplash after the accident. The exercises restore your functionality, massages flush toxins out of your body and other techniques like cold compresses and taping make sure your injury is pain free.

Physiotherapy not only gives you relief from the pain, but also restores the pre-injury health to your body and helps you rid the trauma of your accident.