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Physiotherapy for Spine Alignment

Physiotherapy for Spine Alignment

For diagnosing spinal alignment, posture and movement of your spine will be assessed. If there are issues causing or adding more pain to your problems, postural re-alignment will be included as a part of your treatment.

Generally, postural alignment includes identifying any tight or weak muscles that may be causing you to maintain a poor posture. Also, any joint stiffness or hypermobility can cause poor posture. Your physiotherapist will assess the straightness of the spinal segments and assess the ilium in the pelvis in the case of an ‘upslip’, ‘downslip’ or ‘rotation’ which is a common cause of pain.

Manual Therapy

Our professional physiotherapists have an emphasis on ‘hands on’ treatment combined with subsequent rehabilitation. If the spine is misaligned our practitioners are likely to use a variety of ‘hands on’ techniques to correct the alignment and prevent recurrence. Other techniques may include mobilisation, manipulation and muscle energy techniques.

Specific Exercises help improve posture

Exercises are usually essential to help you strengthen any weak muscles or stretch any tight muscles that are causing you to adopt a poor and maybe painful posture. Exercises are also given to loosen stiff joints, or provide more stability to those that are more mobile than they should be. Personal exercise programs will also help to maximise and prolong any benefits gained from the ‘hands on’ treatment.

Benefits of the regime

People are often unaware of any posture or alignment issues that they have. Optimum posture and alignment will help you to be more functional and biomechanically correct and reduce your pain levels.

Having postural alignment as part of your treatment can produce many benefits including:

  • Reducing pain
  • Stabilising stretchy ligaments
  • Stretching tight muscles
  • Loosening and strengthening stiff joints
  • Improving general posture awareness
  • Improving function both at work and during sport
  • Strengthening weak muscles

Our practitioners will provide advice about correct sitting and standing positioning, moving and handling techniques that will help to improve your posture. The advice will be specific to you and therefore will consider your occupation, driving habits and other activities. This will allow you to implement our advice in your daily activities.