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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition which science is still researching and learning about. Its main symptoms are pain and numbness in your wrist or fingers. This kind of numbness or pain mainly affects your thumb, index finger, long and radial half of the ring finger. Eventually, you will find a terrible pain running through your wrist and your grip will be very weak. CTS usually occurs at night when you’re in a fixed sleeping position and don’t realise that it is effecting you until you awake up. Why does it Happen? The core reason for this pain or numbness effecting

What are varicose veins? Varicose veins commonly appear later in adulthood, and mainly among people who have led a physically strenuous life. This condition often affects the superficial veins in the legs and ankles which become enlarged and maybe painful. They are usually not serious, but can lead to other health problems. How does it happen? The veins in the human body have one-way valves located at equal distances along its length that keep blood flowing from the legs to the heart and prevent backflow. However, under increased venous pressure, the valves malfunction and blood can flow back, impairing circulation. If the venous

What is Bursitis of Shoulder? A bursa is a small fluid filled sac that helps to reduce friction between tissues of the body as they glide over each other. One of the major bursae is located at the shoulders adjacent to the tendons. Bursitis is the inflammation of this sac around the shoulder joint due to injury, chronic overuse or other causes. The inflamed bursa will also compress the neighbouring soft tissue resulting in pain and edema. Signs and Symptoms Bursitis is typically identified by the localization of pain or swelling and tenderness near the shoulder. Movement of arms or shoulder may also

Vertigo is one of the most common diseases in the world population. It is a perception of motion disorder caused by a dysfunctional vestibular system. This is the system that is responsible for maintaining balance. Dizziness caused by vertigo can make it difficult for patients to go about their day-to-day lives. Physical therapy and exercise therapy have proven to be effective against impairment caused by the loss of balance due to vertigo. What is vertigo? Vertigo is a sub-type of dizziness caused by dysfunction in the vestibular system. Often wrongly associated with a fear of heights, those who suffer from vertigo often feel

Do you feel guilty of your child suffering from dyspraxia? You are not alone in this ordeal. No one knows for sure about the exact cause of this disorder. The scientists suspect genetics or problems with the nerve cells as possible reasons for this disorder. Dyspraxia is a motor skill disorder which adverse effects about 6 - 10% of all school-aged children. Boys nearly have twice the probability of girls to suffer from this disorder. Proper Assessment The professional physio aims for the correct assessment of the child’s condition. He first of all checks whether the child can perform all the age-according