Did you know that squats are one of the best lower body exercises? It is one of the best exercise therapies regardless of your fitness and core physio goals. Squats can improve your movement patterns, burn a lot of calories, and build your upper body strength. Here are some common squatting mistakes to avoid while doing squats at home.1) Knees Going Far AheadYour knees should go in the same direction as your toes to maintain the knee joint health. Anything else can result in poor mobility due to issues in your lower body. Try sitting back more into the squat

If you have ever been in a gym, sports store, or physio clinic, you may have seen a foam roller. Many people don't know the many advantages to using the foam roller.Foam roller exercise therapy is a physical solution that provides numerous benefits. The therapy is a form of self-massage that can be done either before an exercise session or after the workout to aid muscle recovery. Though the foam roller has benefits that are surprising for many people and even trainers, people still ask if it is a good investment. So we have listed some of the benefits of

Just imagine training and practicing for years for the sport you love and not being able to perform for the competition due to a minor injury. It can be the worst nightmare for any athlete.Getting injured is one of the biggest and worst fears that every athlete fears. Injuries can impair your performance, delay training, and affect your pre-planned schedules.If you want to stay away from the consequences of a sports injury and you want to up your performance, then a sports massage can help! When done right, a sports massage can provide you with many benefits.Boosts Your EnergyAs an

Do you know how important is it to correct your overall posture? A straight and flexible spine has the potential to provide you with lifelong wellness. But today, many people start experiencing the negative effects of poor posture at an early stage because they don’t perform exercises to improve their posture.PlanksA good posture comes from a strong core. The classic plank exercise lights up a multitude of muscles in your core all at once. When this exercise is done correctly, it strengthens several abdominal muscles, shoulders, and back. Practice with palms lined up with shoulders and feet and legs together.Crunch

Back pain, whether lower, middle, or upper back, is a common problem that can interfere with your daily work or your personal life. Up to 80% of the population experience back pain at some point in their lives. The human back is composed of a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks, and spine. Problems with any of these components can lead to back pain. Fortunately, there are a variety of home treatment options available for back pain. So here are some home remedies to help you get relief from chronic back pain.Find Activities That Alleviate Your MoodOngoing pain can