4 Steps To Become A Long Distance Runner

4 Steps To Become A Long Distance Runner

Do you want to become a long distance runner and need some tips to get started? This guide can certainly help you become a better and faster long distance runner.

Long distance running is one of the most popular forms of exercise and sporting events. This is because running long distances is not only fun but also improves your health and physique. It enables you to burn 100 calories per mile, strengthens your bones and contrary to the popular misconception regarding hurting your knees; it actually reduces the risk of arthritis and knee pain. It is also a great technique to develop your stamina. All you need is a little practice and an efficient routine.
Here’s a quick guide on long distance running training to help you get you started:

  •  Plan Your Run

Decide what distance you want to run and the place where you want to run. If there are no tracks nearby, pick a park or an oval area located near your house which is devoid of any vegetation or potholes. Do not run distances longer than 1 km for the first week of your training. Beginning with a short distance of 400 meters makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress. Also, make sure you do not start with this routine if you are sick or experiencing constant pain.

  •  Get The Right Training

This is one of the most effective steps to begin your long distance running training. Training with a professional not only ensures you get the most out of your routine but also helps you avoid unnecessary injuries. Training all by yourself can have an adverse effect on your health and prevents you from improving your running speed and stamina in a linear progression.

Physiotherapy is considered as one of the most practical ways to prepare yourself for long-distance training. Visiting or training with a qualified Physical Therapist (PT) enhances the flexibility of your muscles, increases the strength in your joints and improves your balance and alignment. Physiotherapy is also essential in case you incur any muscle injury while running. A PT not only helps you relieve the pain in your muscles and also lowers the recurrence of similar injuries. You can also try activity specific training with our experts to prepare your body for this routine and make sure you can run long distances pain-free. 

  •  Do Some Stretches
    Warming up your muscles before practice is essential to be able to run the long distances. Stretching correctly loosens your muscles increasing the blood circulation in your limbs, making it easier for you to run faster and longer. Do stretches like jumping jacks, butt kicks and planks before starting your long distance running training. If you are unable to do these stretches or feel pain while doing them , visit a PT as  soon as you can.

Include these pointers in your running routine to run faster and longer. If you experience any pain or injure your limbs while running, consult our physiotherapy experts today.