5 Olympic Sports That Will Enhance Your Fitness

5 Olympic Sports That Will Enhance Your Fitness

Sports persons don’t just have good bodies. They are also fit and healthy, thanks to the overall strengthening and toning effects of playing sports. If you want more than just a hot bod and be really fit, you need to start playing one of these Olympic sports.

1. Kayaking / Canoeing / Rowing

Sports like rowing, kayaking or canoeing provide a strong upper body workout. Like any focused upper body workouts, these sports also result in a slightly lower overall testosterone release. Lower testosterone means that you do not add bulky muscles to your frame, but remain toned. This high calorie burn job will melt all the fat while keeping your muscle mass intact.

2. Football

Football is one of the most effective cardio workouts. It builds tremendous stamina and is great for strong calves and glutes. Playing football keeps your body toned and not bulky.

3. Running

Runners typically maintain a metabolic rate that is 30-50% higher than an average individual. This means that running not only allows you to lose weight while you’re exercising, but also during the rest of the day, thanks to the increased metabolism.

4. Hockey

High intensity skating and jumping on and off the ice is a great aerobic and anaerobic workout. What’s even better is that due to the start-stop nature of the game, you get bursts of activity followed by periods of rest, which gives you even better cardio benefits. Playing hockey gives you a lean body mass, strong core muscles and great lower body strength.

5. Swimming

A swimmers body is well defined and powerful. Swimming gives an intense overall body workout, targeting many muscle groups at the same time. The water makes your body push more to achieve the same amount of displacement you would have gotten on land, making it a high calorie-burning exercise, without feeling too tired.

So the next time you want to hit the gym, try a sport instead!