Back Pain Myths Busted

Back Pain Myths Busted

Back Pain Myths

Back pain is a common complaint among many people. Every individual aged between 30 to 50 has complained about it at some point or the other in their life. When people suffer from back pain, most of us generally seek help and bits of advice from people around us, unless it becomes unbearable. Other than the medical professionals, very few people know causes behind back problems and how to get appropriate treatment. As a result, people tend to believe in the persisting misconceptions, which gives birth to several myths about back pain. Here are some back pain myths for your information:

Myth 1: “Always Sit Straight “

You don’t have to sit straight always. Though slouching and slumping is not suitable for your back as it ruins your posture, sitting straight can also aggravate back pain. Sitting straight for long hours can put more strain on your back. So, instead of sitting up straight and hurting your back, sit in a position that feels comfortable and does not ruin your posture.

Myth 2: “Lifting Heavy Things is Bad for your Back”

Well, it is not about lifting heavy things. The pain arises when you do it in the wrong way, or you try to lift things that are way too heavy for you. In fact, lifting heavy weights strengthens your back muscles and does not cause pain. But, remember to follow the proper technique while lifting heavy weights. A physical therapist can help you figure out the right technique.

Myth 3: “Bed Rest is the Best Cure for a Backache”

Lying on the bed for too long when you have pain in the back is not recommended. Doctors usually recommend bed rest for 2-3 days followed by moderate exercise routines. Resting more than required makes the back muscles weak and can intensify the back pain. Also, inactivity will aggravate your pain, as the back muscles become stiff.

Myth 4: “Exercise Causes Back Pain”

Exercise doesn’t cause back pain. Vigorous exercise does. Regular exercise prevents back pain and also contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Doctors also recommended people to do gentle exercises to help avoid back pain. They also recommend mild exercises for patients suffering from lower back pain.

Myth 5: “Hot Bath Mitigates the Back Pain”

Taking a hot bath or using a hot bag feels good. But, taking a hot shower right after an injury is not a good idea. Heat may increase the inflammation by opening up blood vessels, which can cause more pain. It is advised to use a cold compress instead of a hot bath.

Myth 6: “Back Pain is a Part of Aging”

Back pain is not a part of aging. It is true that the body becomes susceptible to back problem at old age. But, regular exercise can keep back problems at bay. People experience back pain because of some underlying issue or by overdoing some physical activity.

It is always a better choice to seek professional consultation if you are experiencing back pain, instead of believing in myths. Paying attention to back pain myths may worsen your situation or make you worry unnecessarily. You can also opt for physical therapy or massage therapy if you’re experiencing back problems. For more information about back pain and its treatments, contact InHome Physical and Massage Therapy.