Causes Of Leg Cramps And How Can They Be Avoided?

Causes Of Leg Cramps And How Can They Be Avoided?


We all have experienced leg cramps as they are quite common and are caused when muscles become tight and painful. Most of the times, we get those cramps in the lower part of our legs, however it can affect any muscle in the body. Usually, we experience cramps at night while sleeping. We may experience pain and tenderness in the affected area for several hours once the cramps end.

  • Leg cramps can occur for no obvious reason:

Leg cramps can also be referred to as idiopathic leg cramps or as a symptom of a health condition. It is called as idiopathic leg cramps because most of the times we get leg cramps for no particular reason. There is also another leg cramp known as ‘secondary leg cramps’. Some causes of secondary leg cramps which include various medication; such as statins (medicines which lower cholesterol levels), exercise, liver disease and pregnancy. Cramps can last anywhere between a few seconds to 10 seconds. Ordinarily, whenever you experience cramps, your muscles suddenly start to contract causing pain. It is also known as a spasm and you cannot control the muscle affected by the cramp. Once the spasm ends, you will slowly regain control of your affected muscle.

  • Treating leg cramps:

Regular stretching of muscles is a helpful way to treat leg cramps. Non-sport cramps can be treated by exercising the affected muscles. Medication is usually required in the most persistent cases of cramping when the muscles do not respond to exercise or stretching. Many pregnant ladies suffer from leg cramps throughout pregnancy, however the cramps usually stop after the baby is born. An Edmonton professional physiotherapist can help you to treat your leg cramps with professional techniques and can also suggest various preventive measures.

  • Preventing leg cramps:

For those who suffer from leg cramps on a regular basis, it is desirable for them to stretch the muscles of their lower legs systematically. It is wise to consider using a drink that has electrolytes because it will replace those electrolytes which are lost during exercising. Some people get cramps during or after working out, therefore we should make sure to hydrate ourselves before, during and after working out. Bananas are incredible for reducing cramps as it’s high potassium levels can help reduce cramps.

It is recommended to visit a physiotherapist in case you are a victim who gets such spasms time and again. Leg cramps cannot be controlled, however they can be prevented to a certain extent if we exercise and stretch our muscles regularly.