How To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries Within Your Office Job.

How To Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries Within Your Office Job.

Today, there are quite a substantial number of people who work in offices seated at a cubicle with a computer in front of them. Also, almost the whole world has a computer in their homes. For many, gone are the days of back breaking work. Instead, a large number of the work force in the office is dedicated to just staring at a screen and typing out words. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a disorder which is caused by over use of muscles, tendons and nerves. It is very much related to occupational hazard. Typing on a keyboard all day is the most common way for RSI to occur. It can result in pain, frozen shoulders, inflammation and more.

Here are a few tips to avoid RSI.

Use a Wrist Rest

A wrist rest works as a support to type or use the mouse on the computer. It contains a gel inside a pad to provide ease to your wrist. It provides much needed support for your wrist by providing an elevated platform for it.

Chair Adjusting

Your chair cannot be too high or low from the desk. Level your chair in such a way that your arms have no trouble accessing the keyboard. Also, your forearms should be horizontal to the keyboard.

Pick Your Keyboard

If you really are concerned about RSI, you will want to pick a keyboard that will prevent any pain. You don’t want to get a keyboard that is tough, on which you have to pound the keys. Try getting an ergonomic keyboard which is designed to be easy on the fingers and wrist and prevent RSI. Microsoft’s Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is one of the most popular one. Whichever keyboard you select, make sure you clean it every few months to prevent a build up of dust which would result in stiffening of keys.

Take a Break

It is important that you always take a break. Never push yourself to continuous hours of typing. Always take a few seconds to stretched out your fingers and relax your muscles. In between, get off your seat and go for a walk. This will greatly help your posture and prevent your tendons for stiffening up.

Use your Muscles

When you type, you rely too much on your finger muscles and tendons. The modern keyboard forces you to use a lot of strengthen in typing which results in the momentum being carried over. This can easily cause wear and tear on the tendons. Instead, a better alternative is developing a strong fast twitch muscle.

Change your Position

Never sit in the same posture for too long in the chair. Keep changing your posture for what is comfortable for you.

Strengthen your Muscles

A great way to avoid RSI is through muscles strengthening. You can slowly build up your wrist muscles to manage the stress you put on it.

If you are not careful to avoid RSI, it will affect your finger movement and you will have to say goodbye to texting and typing pain free.