4 Quick And Easy Ways To Relax This Summer

4 Quick And Easy Ways To Relax This Summer

Summers drain away our energy and spirit in more ways than one. The dry and arid air sucks all the moisture from your skin and the blazing sun makes you feel tired all the time. This is why proper relaxation is a necessary part of surviving the heat. And, to relax right, you can’t just rest your body, you need to de-stress your mind as well.
Simple habits like meditation or stretching and fun activities like listening to music or swimming can go a long way in de-stressing your mind. You can also consider referring a professional Physical Therapist (PT) for the same. Relaxing and exercising with a PT helps your body de-stress from the heat and improves your health as well. It also reduces chronic pain and improves the blood circulation in your muscles. 
Here’s a closer look on how to relax your mind this summer:

Stretching is one of the easiest to perform relaxation exercises. To de-stress your mind completely, it is suggested to try and stretch every muscle in your body for about 10-15 minutes. Here are a few stretching exercises you can try to soothe your mind:

  • Hamstring stretch: Stand straight and bend your spine forward to touch your toes.
  • Triceps stretch: Extend one arm over your head and bend it at the elbow. Now, gently push that arm behind your head with other head.
  • Quadriceps stretch: Bend one leg at the knee and hold your foot behind you. Then, slowly pull your knee backward.  

Massage Therapy
Getting a massage is a really effective way to relax your mind and body. Massage not only goes a  long way in relaxing your muscles but also helps in improving your blood circulation. It is recommended to consult a Physiotherapist to book a massage session. This is because a qualified PT uses different types of massage movements to relieve pain from your muscle fibers and helps you de-stress completely. You can now book one right at your home as well. With our services like mobile massage therapy, relaxing is now easier than ever.

Another easy technique to relax your mind is meditation. Meditation helps in regulating your breathing and is an excellent way to deal with stress. By focusing your attention towards breathing, your mind relaxes completely and your body feels rejuvenated. 
Follow this technique in order to meditate right:

  • Sit on the floor with your back erect and knees folded.
  • Place your palm on your knees.
  • Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Repeat the process 10-15 times.

Exercise Training
Exercise training is a good technique for relaxing your mind as it releases endorphins in your system, making you feel happy and centered. Try doing a little bit of exercise daily to relax your mind after a stressful day. You can also try exercise training with your PT to work out better. Exercising with a professional PT not only relieves pain from your body but also improves your muscle strength and balance.
Try out these different ways on how to relax your mind. If you have any difficulty while performing the stretches and exercises, consult our team of experts to help you through the process.